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In winter for most of China, Chinese New Year is popularly known as Spring Festival in China. It starts from Beginning of Spring and marks end of winter and beginning of spring. With advent of spring Basant Festival is celebrated in Pakistan. Basant is celebrate with pomp and show in mid February every year in Lahore. In this page we talk about Spring Festival | Spring Events & Holidays Celebrations.

Spring Festival


Spring Festival:

Spring Festival

Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. Festivals were start to pass legends, knowledge and traditions onto next generation. Spring Festival 1929 was held according to traditional Lunar Solar Calendar. When PRC was establish in 1949, Mao decide to keep Gregorian calendar.

All festivals are cultural in one way or another. There are many types of cultural festivals such as National, Religious and Seasonal. Such events are usually held by folk temples for worship of Chinese gods and immortals. With activities including rituals celebrate in temples, opera or other performances by musical and ritual troupes.

As well as various economic activities. Fourth, Chunyun or Spring Festival rush as new custom. The Spring Festival evolve from annual worship ceremony in ancient times. During which people honor deities, ancestors and prayed for good harvests in coming new year. The date and appellation varied widely throughout history of different feudal dynasties.

Spring represents bouncing, start of something new, new beginnings, progress, blossoming of new things, birth, new life and business. Dreaming of spring indicates pleasance in life. Just like you feel at peace when you see flowers blossoming in nature, you feel amazing when you see a spring dream.

1. Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of most important holidays in China. It has strongly influenced Lunar New Year celebrations such as Losar of Tibet and of China’s neighboring cultures including Korean New Year and  Tết of Vietnam. It is also celebrate worldwide in regions and countries that house significant Overseas Chinese including Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, and Mauritius. As well as in North America and Europe.

Chinese New Year Spring Festival or Lunar New Year is festival that celebrates beginning of new year on traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. In Chinese culture and Asian countries within Sinosphere, festival is also commonly referred to as Spring Festival as spring season in lunisolar calendar traditionally starts with lichun. The first of twenty-four solar terms which festival celebrates around time of Lunar New Year.

Marking end of winter and beginning of spring season, observances traditionally take place from New Year’s Eve. The evening preceding first day of year to Lantern Festival held on 15th day of year. The first day of Chinese New Year begins on new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February. In 2021, first day of Chinese New Year was on Friday, 12 February which is the Year of the Ox.

The Chinese New Year is associated with several myths and customs. The festival was traditionally time to honor deities as well as ancestors. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly clean their house in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and make way for incoming good luck. Another custom is decoration of windows and doors with red paper cuts and couplets. It often serves as first meal of the year either at midnight or breakfast of first day.

2. Basant Festival In Pakistan:

Basant Festival In Pakistan

Lahore is becoming main focal point for celebration of Basant festival in Pakistan. With advent of spring Basant Festival is celebrate with pomp and show in mid February every year in Lahore. In other words this is the spring festival. The People traditionally fly kites on roofs of their buildings. It is commonly observe that rest houses, hotels and house of relatives of participants. They are fully pack with guests from all over country.

Moreover some five star hotels also arrange this function on their roof top for foreigners and other high class gentry. People also arrange variety of dishes with musical concert. Sometimes Lahorities on this occasion become emotional and in this state create law and order problems for administration. Some of them use metal thread for kite flying.

Alleging that kite flying is Hindu event is also sheer ignorance. The sport originated in China about 5000 years ago when Hinduism was in non existent. The simple reason is that Hindu at Basant Festival fly kites for enjoying Basant. With times Muslims were living together with Hindus in sub-continent also join them in kite flying.

Since then Muslims are taking participation in just kite flying at time of Basant connotating as Pala-Urant. Now a days people of Lahore enjoy it by kite flying competition and by visiting shrine of saint Madho Lal Hussain, where they assemble to pay their benediction. In spite of fact Basant Festival which has no links with Muslim culture. It is becoming very popular and being celebrate in Lahore regularly every year with zeal and fervent.

3. Nevruz Spring Festival In Turkey:

Nevruz In Turkey

In Istanbul hundreds of people including those from Turkic nations. There Nevruz is spectacular event, gathered in park to mark day. At festivities in Topkapı Culture Park, people of all ages gather around open flames and leapt over them. Traditional foods were serve to revelers at festivities. A U.N. recognize international cultural day, Nevruz marks start of new year and is consider as forerunner of spring.

The festival, which also symbolizes brotherhood and peace, is celebrated mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, India and Turkic republics. Such as Azerbaijan across Caucasus region and Albania and Macedonia.  The Nevruz, an ancient festival celebrating arrival of season, was an opportunity for many to warm up around bonfires before jumping over them in widely observe tradition.

The event in Istanbul to mark Nevruz was start with an Ottoman janissary band show. It was organize by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. As part of festival, fire was lit, iron and stone were beaten and traditional Kyrghyz and Turkmen dances were perform at event.

“Nevruz means unity and togetherness,” Kılınçarslan stressed. “We along with all brother and sister celebrate arrival of spring and wish fruitful year”.

Nevruz celebrations were use as propaganda tool for terrorist group PKK. It claims to fight for Kurdish self rule in southeastern Turkey. Pro-PKK groups commonly term it as “Kurdish New Year” and Nevruz rallies by groups affiliated with PKK. Police in Diyarbakır, southeastern city where rally by pro-PKK groups was held on the occasion of Nevruz. It detain 30 people who clash with police after rally end.

4. Holi Festival In India:

Holi In India

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival also known as “festival of spring”, “festival of colours”, and “festival of love”. The festival signifies triumph of good over evil. It originate and predominantly celebrated in India but has also spread to other regions of Asia and parts of Western world through diaspora from Indian subcontinent.

Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular among non-Hindus as well in many parts of South Asia. As well as people of other communities outside Asia.In addition to India and Nepal, festival is celebrate by Indian subcontinent diaspora in countries such as Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia, Jamaica, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In recent years festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as spring celebration of love, frolic and colors. Holi celebrations start on night before Holi with Holika Dahan. There people gather, perform religious rituals in front of bonfire and pray that their internal evil be destroyed  way Holika, sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu was killed in fire. The next morning is celebrate as Rangwali Holi for festival of colors where people smear and drench.

Water guns and water filled balloons are also use to play and color each other. The frolic and fight with colors occurs in open streets, parks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carry drums and other musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance. People visit family, friends and foes come together to throw colored powders on each other, laugh and gossip then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. Some customary drinks include bhang which intoxicating. In evening, after sobering up people dress up and visit friends and family.

5. Cherry Blossom Spring Festival In America:

Cherry Blossom In America

National Cherry Blossom Festival runs for about three weeks straight at the end of March and into April. The festival represents friendship between United States and Japan. The features public events that are relate to arts, community spirit and international culture. Most famously, rows of cherry blossoms are in full bloom along Tidal Basin, bringing in tourists from all over United States.

It is time to welcome spring with open arms. Winter was long enough, so get out of hibernation pull out your warm day wardrobe and book your tickets. Washington D.C, New Orleans, Austin, Portland, Decatur, Miami, Skagit and handful of other cities are waiting for you. Don’t forget to bring your camera you won’t be able to put it down.

March has arrived, you have turn your clock forward, snow is melting and I think it’s finally safe to say spring is on its way. Now it’s time to celebrate glorious season at any one of these eight United States spring festivals. These festivals are more than just picking flowers and eating under sun. They are cultural events as memorable as they are celebratory. You won’t want to miss out on any of them.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is not the only one with giant helium balloons D.C’s got too once the cherry blossoms are out. This big parade also features marching bands, performances, ornate floats and, not to mention, amazing views of the gorgeous blooms. Beautiful colors enhance already fabulous views of nation’s capital during cherry blossom season.

Spring Festival Timetable:

Here we give list of some Spring Festivals Timetable in different countries:

Spring Festival Starting Date Ending Date Days
Chinese new Year February 11, 2021 February 26, 2021 7 Days
Basant In Pakistan February 16, 2021 February 26, 2021 10 Days
Nevruz Festival In Turkey March 18, 2021 March 24, 2021 6 Days
Holi In India March 29, 2021 March 31, 2021 2 Days
National Cherry Blossom in America March 20, 2021 April 11, 2021 22 Days

Spring Season History:

Spring Season History

Spring is one of four seasons and transition from Winter into Summer. It usually occurs during months of March, April, May or from Vernal Equinox to Summer Solstice. Spring also known as springtime. It is one of the four temperate seasons, succeeding winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring but local usage of term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs.

When it is spring in Northern Hemisphere, it is autumn in Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. At spring equinox, days and nights. They are approximately twelve hours long with daytime length increasing and nighttime length decreasing as season progresses. Spring and springtime refer to season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.

Subtropical and tropical areas have climates better described in terms of other seasons, e.g. dry or wet, monsoonal or cyclonic. Cultures may have local names for seasons which have little equivalence to terms originating in Europe. The beginning of spring is not always determine by fix calendar dates. Some ecologists divide the year into six seasons.

The phenological or ecological definition of spring relates to biological indicators. Such as blossoming of range of plant species, activities of animals and special smell of soil. hat has reached the temperature for micro flora to flourish. These indicators, along with the beginning of spring, vary according to the local climate and according to the specific weather of a particular year.

Spring quotes:

Spring is season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and earth seems to come to life again. Farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly rise. The timing of these changes varies depending upon location.

Spring in climatology, season of the year between winter and summer. During which temperatures gradually rise. It is generally define in Northern Hemisphere as extending from vernal equinox, March 20 or 21 to summer solstice, June 21 or 22 and in Southern Hemisphere from September 22 or 23 to December 22 or 23. The spring temperature transition from winter cold to summer heat occurs only in middle and high latitudes; near Equator, temperatures vary little during year. Spring is very short in polar regions.

  • It is spring fever. That is what name of it is. And when you have got it, you want. You don’t quite know what it is you do want but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so.
  • Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes. 
  • Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!
  • Behold, my friends, spring is come; earth has gladly receive embraces of sun and we shall soon see results of their love!
  • O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? 
  • In spring, at the end of day, you should smell like dirt.
  • Spring is God’s way of saying, One more time!
  • Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, box where sweets compacted lie. 
  • Autumn arrives in early morning but spring at close of winter day. 
  • Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.

When is Spring season?

When is Spring season?

Spring is season succeeding Winter and preceding Summer. Spring refers to season as well as to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. During Spring an important celebration takes place: Easter Day. It varies between March 22 and April 25 in Western tradition and between April 4 and May 8 in Eastern Christianity.

What happens in spring?

Spring is time when flowers bloom and trees begin to grow and reproduce. The days grow longer and temperature in most areas become more temperate. You can also contemplate melting of ice and thawing of ground. The weather during this period becomes much sunnier. While hibernating animals begin to come out of hibernation.

Benefits of Spring Season:

  • Your youthful skin.
  • Daily dose of Daylight.
  • Boost to mental health.
  • Wait no longer for Workout.
  • Vital vitamins & miraculous minerals.

What to do during the Spring Season?

There are so many things to do to enjoy Spring:

  • Spring is a time for rebirth.
  • Take a walk in field of flowers.
  • Plan a holiday and make a trip.
  • Spot things you want to change in your life.
  • Vacations are not just for summer anymore.
  • Meditate: Contemplate and reflect on the beauty of nature.
  • Forget worries of everyday life and empty mind. Concentrate on sounds and scent of nature.

Health Benefits of Spring Season:

Health Benefits

Spring Season certainly brings with itself many health benefits. One important benefit of Spring Season is mental boost. Winter season can cause depression and anxiety in many people. Spring replaces those feelings with fresh and positive energy. People are able to come out of winter hibernation. Most noteworthy, Spring Season is period of rejuvenation and joy.

Probably many individuals consume Winter comfortable foods during Winter Season. This certainly results in increase weights for many individuals. Spring is time for eating diet food. During Spring Season healthy fresh local food is available. Above all, many vitamin rich vegetables reach their prime during Spring. Some of these vegetables are asparagus, kale and peas.

Spring Season is healthy season. The season certainly helps in making homes healthy. Sunshine and fresh air enter indoor after long Winter Season. Most noteworthy, people get to breathe high amount of fresh oxygen during Spring Season. Furthermore, ample Sunshine during Spring is good for skin. This is because Sunlight is an excellent way to get vitamin D.

Spring Season significantly increases motivation do workout. Furthermore, cold weather is period of less physical activity. So, when Spring comes, people get excited about physical activity. Beautiful warmth of Sun encourages probably everyone to exercise. Hence, Spring improves physical fitness of individuals.

In conclusion, Spring Season is certainly best season anywhere on Earth. A lot of activities can be easily carried out in Spring Season. This is due to beautiful comfortable weather at this time of year. Without hesitation, one can call Spring as king of all seasons.


Spring is one of four seasons and transition from Winter into Summer.  It is one of the four temperate seasons, succeeding winter and preceding summer. Spring is season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and earth seems to come to life again. Spring in climatology, season of the year between winter and summer. Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. In this page we talk about Spring Festival | Spring Events & Holidays Celebrations.


What happens in spring season?
Spring is season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and earth seems to come to life again.
What is Festival?
festival is gathering of people to celebrate something. Festivals may be religious or national. They also may be events which feature different cultural programs such as music, dancing, poetry and movies etc.
What is the famous Festival of Spring in Pakistan?
Basant is one of the famous, biggest and enjoyable Spring Festival in Pakistan.

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