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A Bluetooth Headset that provides two way connection to user’s cellphone via Bluetooth. Fitting in one ear only, part that is press slightly into ear canal typically comes with removable small, medium and large tips. In this page talk about Bluetooth Headset | Best Bluetooth Earphones and Headphones.

Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth Headset:

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset that connect to a cellphone, music player, computer or stereo. These Headphones may also include microphone and function as headset for smartphones. But their primary purpose is music listening. For music sources that are not Bluetooth compliant such as an earlier computer, Bluetooth transmitter either comes with headphones or available separately.

Some people is note for its noise cancelling products and these Bluetooth enable headphones provide quality listening up to 20 hours of wireless use. Fitting in one ear only, part that is press slightly into ear canal typically comes with removable small, medium and large tips. For best fit, custom ear pieces can be mold to individual’s ear.

All Bluetooth cellphone users are employing two wireless technologies, Bluetooth between ear and cellphone. The carrier’s transmission technology between cellphone and cell tower. A man is answering call from his hat. Using bone conduction speakers, Cynaps Bluetooth headsets are built into ready made caps. In addition, self install kit lets you put it into your own hat or helmet.

Bluetooth is high speed, low power wireless link technology that is design to connect phones or other portable equipment. It connect together with little to no work require by user. Unlike infrar, Bluetooth technology does not require line of site positioning to work. From technical standpoint, Bluetooth is very different indeed. It is best wireless method in world, surpassing even infrar. For communication on go, Bluetooth is indeed very hard to compete.

Benefits of Bluetooth Headset:

Benefits of Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headphones are gaining more and more space in market and in hearts of consumers. There are many popular brands that circulate in market, both conventional and online markets. In online store you can choose variety of quality Bluetooth headphones such as SoundPEATS Truebuds.

The Headphones are very important in our daily life. Bluetooth is standard wireless technology that allows landline and mobile phones to exchange data over short distances to form Personal Area Network. It uses shortwave radio waves to communicate through ISM band. Bluetooth is use for point to point transmission with or without connection of speech and data between  most diverse digital terminals.

In 1994 by telecommunication company Ericsson that develop this technology, it was design to create alternative version of wireless communication for creation of data line. It can link multiple devices to overcome timing problem. The main goal of this technology is to replace wire connections or make them entirely obsolete. A huge advantage, especially for mobile devices like smartphones, headsets and tablets.

1. Hands Free Mobile phone Use:

For mobile phones using wireless Bluetooth mobile phone headsets allows you to use your mobile phone completely hands-free for driving safety, especially since many states, like California, now have mandatory hands-free mobile phone use law while driving.

2. Bluetooth Headset is Inexpensive:

Bluetooth technology is cheap for companies to implement, which results in lower costs for the consumer on Bluetooth products and especially Bluetooth mobile phone headsets. The average price for a Bluetooth mobile phone headset is about $70 and even less when avoiding retail stores and shopping at instead.

3. Bluetooth Headset is Automatic:

Bluetooth does not have set up a connection or push any buttons. When two or more devices enter a range of up to 30 feet of each other, they will automatically begin to communicate. For mobile phones, the user need not touch the phone, but instead can leave it in their pocket and perform most of the mobile phone tasks by using the in-ear Bluetooth headset. Those functions include, completely wireless, hands-free answering and talking on the mobile phone.

4. Bluetooth Provides Very Low Interference:

Bluetooth devices usually avoid interference from other wireless devices by using frequency hopping and also low power wireless signals.

5. Bluetooth is Reliable and Universal:

Bluetooth technology is a world wide, universal wireless standard. As more and more devices started to use the Bluetooth technology, more manufacturers are making make their products compatible with it making it a standard for wireless.

6. Bluetooth Consumes Little Energy:

Because Bluetooth uses low power signals, it requires very little energy and will use less battery power as a result. This is an excellent benefit for ell phones because Bluetooth will not drain the battery juice.

7. Bluetooth Devices are Wireless:

If you navigate through the rest of our site you will learn that there are tons of advantages/benefits when using wireless devices. In addition to improving safety as a result of eliminating the clutter of wires and associated hazardous connections, wireless technology also offers many convenient advantages. For example, when you are traveling with your laptop, PDA, MP3 player and other devices, you no longer have to worry about bringing along all of your connecting cables.

8.  Bluetooth Technology is Inexpensive:

Bluetooth technology is cheap for companies to implement, which results in lower over-all manufacturing Costs. These savings are then passed on to you, the consumer. The end result: Bluetooth devices are relatively inexpensive.

9.  Bluetooth is Automatic:

Bluetooth doesn’t require you to think about setting up a connection or to push any buttons. When two or more Bluetooth devices enter a range (Up to 30 feet) of one another, they automatically begin to communicate without you having to do anything. Once the communicating begins, Bluetooth devices will setup Personal Area Networks or Piconets. The best part is: The devices take care of the entire setup process, and you can go about your business.

10. Standardised Protocol is equal Interoperability:

Since Bluetooth is a standardized wireless specification, a high level of compatibility among devices is guaranteed. The Bluetooth specification uses and defines various profiles. Every Bluetooth profile is specific to a particular function. For instance, when a Bluetooth enabled cell phone and a Bluetooth headset (Both with the same profile) are communicating with one another, both will understand each other without the user having to do anything, even if the devices are of different models/makes.

11. Low Interference:

Bluetooth devices avoid interference with other wireless devices by:

a) Using technique known as spread spectrum frequency hopping

b) Using low power wireless signals.

12. Low Energy Consumption:

As stated above, Bluetooth uses low power signals. As a result, the technology requires little energy and will therefore use less battery or electrical power. Obviously, this is a great benefit for mobile devices because Bluetooth won’t drain the life of your device’s battery.

13. Share Voice and Data:

The Bluetooth standard allows compatible devices to share both voice and data communications. For example, it is probably no surprise that a Bluetooth enabled cell phone is capable of sharing voice communications with a compatible Bluetooth headset, however, the same cell phone may also be capable of establishing a GPRS connection to the Internet. Then, using Bluetooth, the phone can connect to a laptop. The result: The laptop is capable of surfing the web or sending and receiving email.

14. Instant Personal Area Network:

Up to seven compatible Bluetooth devices can connect to one another within a proximity of up to 30 feet, forming a PAN or piconet. Multiple piconets can be automatically setup for a single room.

15. Upgradeable:

The Bluetooth standard is upgradeable. A development group at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has been given the task of working on the new Bluetooth version 2, which offers several new advantages and is backward compatible with the older versions.

16. The Technology is Here to Stay:

Bluetooth is universal, world wide and wireless standard. Therefore, you can count on it being around for years to come. As more devices begin to use Bluetooth technology, electronics manufacturers will be increasingly eager to make their products compatible using Bluetooth. A chain reaction is inevitable, in fact it has already begun.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Headphones:

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth is remote technology that does fast transmission of information over short distance with pulses of short wavelength radio waves. There is more to embracing Bluetooth headphones than being that weird person whom everyone else in room thinks is talking to himself.

The chance to keep your phone in your pocket and not crimp your neck while talking on phone is huge advantage of using Bluetooth headsets. Yet there is more to Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth may look like best fit for your portable music player or phone. But they do have few downsides.

Reviewing disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones is extremely critical if you want to make good choice when getting your next pair of headset. This article discusses few of the disadvantages and reasons not to choose Bluetooth headphones.

1. Bluetooth Headphones May Cause Pain:

Ear pain is one of health hazards cause by extensive use of Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets clip into ear’s outer segment cause severe pain due to their weight. The awkward sit of Bluetooth headsets can also cause ear pain. You can use cushions and weightless Bluetooth headsets to avoid discomfort.

2. Durability Of Bluetooth Headsets:

Invariably, Bluetooth headphones are far more subject to rapid obsolescence. As new Bluetooth headphones get more features, older models seem, well and old. If something goes wrong with battery or digital components of your Bluetooth headphones, good luck getting them fix long time. Now if they are even still worth fixing.

3. High Price And Battery Problem:

Bluetooth headphones mean paying high prices. Bluetooth headphones don’t last as long as high end wire headphones due to batteries or connectors etc. Although Bluetooth is an energy efficient technology it does gradually deplete battery of your cell phone or other mobile devices. When enable Bluetooth relentlessly scans for signals, looking for new devices to connect with but using energy in process.

4. Sound Quality Of Bluetooth Headphones:

Bluetooth headphones generally have inferior audio quality compare to wire headphones but this can depend on price range. Bluetooth headphones offer convenient wire free experience but depending on your environment and distance from your smart device. You may encounter impedance. Wire headphone limit danger of impedance that generally could influence sound quality.

Also, wire headphones are accessible that offer top sound quality guaranteeing your favorite songs will sound incredible whenever you hear them out on your headphones.

5. Radiations Emitted By Bluetooth Headsets:

Bluetooth produces same type of radiation as your microwave it is just usually not nearly as powerful. When you’re using Bluetooth headset, you are putting it as close to your brain as you possibly can and it stays connect to your phone, radiation that gradually damages brains is being emit.

It is safe to do away with Bluetooth headphones, if you can not don’t use them for too long. Do not hang them around your neck when you are not using them but they are connect. It is better to keep them away from body when they are not in use.

Why use Bluetooth headset?

Why use Bluetooth headset?

Bluetooth technology makes mobile phones more functional, with handy little ear bud headsets that are completely wireless and allow for hands free answering and talking on mobile phone. In fact, Bluetooth wireless technology has made many electronic components wireless and far surpasses infrared in its usefulness and practicality.

Bluetooth is high speed, low power wireless link technology that is design to connect phones or other portable equipment together with little to no work require by user. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth technology does not require line of site positioning to work. From technical standpoint, Bluetooth is very different indeed. It is the best wireless method in world, surpassing even infrared. For communication on go, Bluetooth is indeed very hard to compete.

What does wireless Bluetooth exactly mean?

What does wireless Bluetooth exactly mean?

When we talk about Bluetooth headsets called “wireless” we are not referring new technology or novelty in market. This type of product has been in electronics business for some time but over years it has gain tremendous improvements and enhancements.

Although many are concern with price, battery life and sound quality of these accessories. It is important to say that they have evolve lot and nowadays there are far more advantages in leaving wire headphones behind and bet on Bluetooth technology.

Best Headphone Brands:

Best Headphone Brands

Headphones are small speakers that can be worn in or around your ears. Traditional headphones have two ear cups attach by band that is place over your head. Smaller headphones, often called earbuds or earphones are place inside outer part of your ear canal.

Like speakers, headphones contain transducers that convert audio signal into sound waves. Headphone that connect to an analog audio port process analog audio. Headphones that connect to digital port such as USB or Lightning port process digital audio. Digital headphones must also include digital to analog converter or DAC in order to produce analog output.

Here we describe some brands of Headset:

  • Sennheiser
  • JBL
  • Bose
  • Sony
  • Skull candy
  • AKG Acoustics
  • Samsung
  • Jabra
  • Philips
  • HyperX

1. Sennheiser Headset:

Sennheiser Headset

Sennheiser’s leading audio technology, new CX 400BT True Wireless gives you total control over an exceptional sound experience. With passive noise cancellation, intuitive customization controls, long lasting battery life and design made for all day comfort. They are ideal, uncompromising choice for people that are passionate about great sound.

2. JBL Headset:

JBL Headset

JBL offers a variety of headphones for different uses. Listen to music wireless from any Bluetooth enable device. Introducing JBL T450BT on ear wireless headphones. They are flat folding, lightweight, comfortable and compact. Music and call controls microphone are place on ear cup.

While they don’t produce headphones comfortable as other popular brands such as Bose and Sennheiser and they don’t offer any models that are specifically catered for audiophiles. Their colorful designs are pack with unique features like music sharing that make JBL great brand for casual Headphone.

3. Bose Headset:

Bose Headset

Bose has sold aviation headsets since 1989 and consumer headphones since 2000. The current range of Headset consists of over ear in ear, aviation and military models. In the not-too-distant past, people wore headphones solely for entertainment.

The anticipation and wait for release of our true wireless in ear noise cancelling headphones is finally over. Building a product takes thousands of detailed decisions made on a daily basis that all factor into the end result with the customer always in mind. Bose noise cancelling technology that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better.

4. Sony Headset:


Explore extensive range of over ear headphones including Bluetooth & wireless headphones design to help you enjoy your favorite music on go. The Sony wireless headphones are incredibly consistent with previous models. To wit, they are dominant pair of noise cancelling headphones that can beat out anything Bose has with both arms behind its back.

Audiophile wireless earbuds for computers Specifications, Acoustic design, Closed, Weight etc. The new headphones have same outward appearance, down to copper accents including one around  microphone inlet that almost makes it look like USB C port. Sony has made some subtle design tweaks, they are just kind you can’t see.

5. Skullcandy Headset:


Skullcandy is an American company base in Park City, Utah. That is markets of headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players and other products. Skullcandy’s products are target at outdoor action sports demographic and general consumer market.

Skullcandy products are sold through retailers, specialty outlets, corporate incentive programs and company’s online store. Discover life at full volume with headphonesearbuds, speakers & more. Skullcandy is your one stop shop for new music, culture & audio built to STAYLOUD.

6. AKG Acoustics Headset:

AKG Acoustics Headset

AKG Acoustics is an acoustics engineering and manufacturing company. It was found in 1947 by Dr. Rudolf Gorike and Ernest Plass in Vienna, Austria. It is part of Harman International Industries, subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. The products currently marketed under AKG brand mostly consist of microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and related accessories for professional.

Premium speakers from AKG such as wireless bluetooth speakers, Android & headphones, soundbars, subwoofers, home theater systems or computer etc. AKG builds some truly outstanding headphones for wide range of budgets. Excelling in sound and style, they are bless with aluminium ear cups and soft leather ear pads.

7. Samsung Headset:


Samsung Headset is Best in sound, Full rich audio quality and also best in price. Pair Samsung Galaxy Headset with your phone or tablet. Listen and chat during day, then wirelessly recharge for 15 minutes to get up to 1.7 more hours of play time.

It also with sound by AKG, Galaxy Buds deliver calls, your favorite podcasts and music you love.While keeping you aware of your surroundings when walking, working or working out. It Design to fit comfortably in your ears, Galaxy Buds also comes with three adjustable ear tip and wingtip sizes right from box.

8. Jabra Headset:


The Jabra Sound+app is perfect companion to your Jabra headphones. Jabra ideal is for those who are serious about tracking their performance with in ear heart rate monitoring and true wireless wearing style.

Our Bluetooth earphones are built to last and design for all day wear making them ideal for frequent users both in and out of working environment. The Jabra Evolve Series is professional range of headsets offering best in class noise cancellation to aid concentration in open office environments.

9. Philips Headset:


Never compromise with your audio quality, get this Philips Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. It produce rich bass and powerful sound. The ear cups are design with soft cushions that provide great comfort when working for long. It provides up to 30 hours of playtime for your unlimited entertainment.

This wireless Bluetooth earphone has an in built microphone and echo cancellation feature that delivers crystal clear music. It comes with built in mic with echo cancellation for clear audio and has Multi function button that can easily control music and calls. Also Comes with soft ear cups that fold neatly in two configurations.

10. HyperX Headset:


HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset. It available with solid gaming grade wireless connection incredible 30 hour battery life and signature HyperX comfort. Cloud Flight allows you to play uninterrupt for longer.

Easily monitor battery life and adjust mic and output volume with HyperX NGenuity software. The HyperX Cloud was built to be an ultra-comfortable gaming headset with amazing sound. With  HyperX Cloud MIX headset with Audio, you can plug into any. So you can hear details and nuances in your audio you might have miss.

Headset History:

Headset History

The first pair of audio headphones were invent by Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910. The U.S. Navy order 100 pairs them because they recognize potential advantages, despite many people being skeptical about their usefulness. Sometimes refer to as earphones, headphones are hardware output device that either plug into computer line out or speakers.

Headphones come in several shapes and styles. The traditional style looks similar to those shown above. Headphones utilize styro foam or another soft fabric around earpieces to provide comfortable fit around your ear. They also have plastic or light metal band between each earpiece to connect them together.

The most basic type of headphones, earbuds are small and fit inside your ear. They are usually shape in specific way to be as comfortable possible. Some earbuds come with several sets of different rubber inserts. Depending on size of user’s ears, they can choose size of rubber insert that best fits their ear canal.

Headphones allow you to listen to audio or watch movie without disturbing people around you. The Headphones are pair of small loudspeaker drivers worn on or around head over user’s ears. Headphones are made in range of different audio reproduction quality capabilities. The latter two types of employees use headphones with an integrated microphone.


Bluetooth Headset that connect to a cellphone, music player, computer or stereo. Bluetooth headphones are gaining more and more space in market and in hearts of consumers. The Headphones are very important in our daily life. Bluetooth technology is a world wide, universal wireless standard. The Headphones come in several shapes and styles. Bluetooth technology is cheap for companies to implement which results in lower over all manufacturing Costs.


What is a Headset or Headphone?
Headset or Headphones are small speakers that can be worn in or around your ears.
What is function of headphone?
Headphones are hardware output device that either plug into computer line out or speakers. Headphones allow you to listen to audio or watch movie without disturbing people around you.
How do we use headphones?
Choose type of headset you want to wear, Check “L” and “R” labels near ear cups, Hook first bud into your left ear hole and then in right, Place headband right in middle of your head and Remove any jewellery or ear wear.

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