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AliExpress is an online retail service base in China own by Alibaba Group. It Launched in 2010, made up of small businesses in China and Singapore. They offer products to international online buyers. In this page we talk about Top AliExpress Products | Buy Unique & Trendy Items.

Top AliExpress Products


AliExpress History:

AliExpress History

AliExpress is ecommerce retail giant base in China. Technically, it runs in same fashion as other preeminent counterparts like Amazon or its parent company Alibaba. The retail company displays products from various suppliers across world. It is most visit commerce website in Russia. It was 10th most popular website in Brazil. AliExpress has drawn comparison to eBay as sellers are independent and use platform to offer products to buyers.

According to report from well founded sources, it indicates that Alibaba ranks up high among top blue chip brands in world. With that in mind, you can get glimpse of where exactly AliExpress buzz is all coming from. Over recent past, merchants had to grapple with mainstream shopping trends. Consumers are increasingly embracing option to shop products online. 

On that note, AliExpress allows suppliers to look little more action packed. That said, if you have been eyeing on dropshipping business this retail platform can suitably be perfect fit. At present moment, user can access AliExpress in following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Dutch

AliExpress does not sell to customers in mainland China. Though most retailers are Chinese themselves. The website offers popular affiliate marketing program where partners are reward for sending visitors to site with commission on sales. In November 2020, India’s government under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ban AliExpress and other apps from China.

Top AliExpress Products:

Top AliExpress Products

Customer service is not focus on AliExpress and consumers who are use to no questions ask full refunds and humble apologies may need to adjust their expectations. It is very much case of buyer beware. Aliexpress urges its customers to only make payments to sellers through their platform so they can offer degree of customer protection. Although refunds can be apply for process is very hit or miss.

As this would indicate, Aliexpress is hugely popular in Brazil and Russia. Aliexpress was 10th most popular website in Brazil and Brazil account for more traffic to website than other country. According to data from July 2014, Aliexpress is already Russia’s leading ecommerce site in terms of traffic and country’s tenth most popular website overall.

Aliexpress is ecommerce platform for Chinese individuals and companies to sell their products to overseas consumers. It is very popular in Brazil and Russia. To find best selling product on AliExpress is not too hard but similarly, there is no hot button that can directly provide you with list of best selling products. The weekly best selling product list is also not effective.

If product is already in trend and you will get to know about it after whole week, it means you have miss trend. Here we give some most popular and similar products that selling on AliExpress Websites:

1. Magic Eraser:

Magic Eraser | Top AliExpress Products

This white sponge erases dirty stains of surfaces. Just wet it a little, pass it over and… goodbye stain! The package includes 10 sponges to make your house look shiny new.

2. Key holder:

Key holder | Top AliExpress Products

Are you sick of carrying a bunch of keys? This handy key holder tidies up and minimize space they take up by positioning keys like Swiss army knife.

3. Dusting slippers:

Dusting slippers | Top AliExpress Products

With these dusting slippers, no one will be able to say no helping out with cleaning. Just put them on your shoe and walk around house.

4. Emoticon magnets:

Emoticon magnets

If you like to leave notes in fridge, now you can add these funny emoticon magnets. Banish your old advertising magnets and add fun touch to your fridge.

5. Birdhouse key holder:

Birdhouse key holder

Never know where you left the keys? These birdhouses are not only a nice decoration but also perfect place to store your keys. You can find them in individual format or as a couple.

6. Chair covers:

Chair covers

Don’t you like the chairs in your dining room? Do they look old or don’t fit in with design of rest of your house? Give them second chance with these beautiful covers. Available in 15 colors.

7. Cactus cushion:

Cactus cushion

Add fun touch to your sofa with this original cactus-shaped cushion. Don’t worry, you won’t get pricked.

8. Kitchen/gallery organizer:

Kitchen/gallery organizer

With this practical organizer you will have organize a lot of useful and necessary home utensils such as brooms and mops.

9. Artificial flowers:

Artificial flowers

Are all your plants and flowers dying? Don’t worry, these flowers are solution. They will brighten up any corner of your home. They are of very good quality and best of all, they do not need extra care.

10. Cart bag:

Cart bag

Organize all products in your supermarket cart with this handy large capacity bag. It also includes small section for frozen products.

11. Egg dividers:

Egg dividers

Are you having trouble separating yolks? With this gadget problem is over. As well as being able to separate them easily, you will add food safety bonus to your food.

Since not using shell reduces risk of salmonellosis.

12. Steam cooking case:

Steam cooking case

This silicone container allows you to steam all kinds of food. All you have to do is put in ingredients, put it in microwave oven and watch cooking time.

Your meals will be juicier and healthier.

13. Egg timer:

Egg timer

Do you find it hard to get eggs cooked the way you want them? This product lets you know if they are ready.

All you have to do is put it in with eggs and wait for hardness indicator to reach desire point. You will always make perfect eggs.

14. Microwaved Potato Chip Maker:

Microwaved Potato Chip Maker

If you love crisps but don’t want to give up healthy diet, this product is your solution. Cut potatoes into slices, add splash of oil and microwave for 5 to 10 minutes until you reach desire cooking point.

15. Garlic press:

Garlic press

Tired of bad smell that’s left in your hands when you press garlic? Forget it! This stainless steel utensil will save you taking on this unpleasant task. Quick and comfortable.

16. Vegetable chopper:

Vegetable chopper

Are you in hurry to make food? Don’t worry, this chopper makes it easy for you.

17. Brush cleaner:

Brush cleaner

If you like to have your brushes clean with this small cleaner you will achieve it in record time. All you have to do is rub brush over it with soap.

18. Matt lipstick:

Matt lipstick

This lipstick is quickly becoming an AliExpress bestseller and it doesn’t surprise us. Its matt finish and permanent effect as well as wide range of colors is what makes it so successful. And it’s very cheap!

19. Oval brush:

Oval brush

Oval brushes are latest fashion in makeup and in AliExpress we can find very cheap ones. They are known for having dense and flexible head which allows you to apply makeup uniformly. It can be use with cream or powder makeup.

20. Exfoliating socks:

Exfoliating socks

Footner Exfoliating Socks is revolutionary product to give you smooth, softer feet with just one 60 minute application.

Exfoliating Socks makes use of skin’s natural peeling process to remove dead skin from feet. Within 7 to 10 days you will be left with soft, smooth, rejuvenated and baby soft feet.

21. Make-up primer:

Make-up primer

The make-up primers help to fix our make-up foundation but also help minimize pores and wrinkles. They are also good allies to regulate production of grease, moisturize, soften and minimize expression lines. That is why every woman needs this product in her life!

We show you this top seller of AliExpress with very good reputation more than 3,000. Women can’t be wrong! You will also be able to find other shades according to needs of your skin.

22. Towel for removing make-up:

Towel for removing make-up

We find this towel super useful and practical. It is suitable for whole face, including eyes and all you have to do is moisten it and apply. It use for usual make-up remover rub and voila Clean face.

23. Moisturizing Eye Mask:

Moisturizing Eye Mask

In addition to feeling like a panda bear for while, this fun mask will leave your eye contour felling fresh and hydrated.

24. Nail polish protector:

Nail polish protector

Do you always end up with fingers full of nail polish? This is product for you! Just apply good amount around entire nail and paint without fear.

When product is dry all you have to do is remove it and you are done. Perfect nails always!

25. Phone support ring:

Phone support ring

This simple ring is perfect complement for mobile addicts. Rings allows you to grab phone and avoid falls or by simply turning it. It becomes support for your mobile. It costs less and you can find it in 6 colors.

26. Power Bank:

Power Bank

In addition to being cute, these external chargers have an excellent value for money. With capacity of 10000 Mah, they are perfect for traveling and charging your mobile anywhere.

27. Selfie light:

Selfie light

If you are selfie lover, you’re gonna like this one. This gadget is luminous ring with LED light which allows you to increase light of your selfies.

28. Wireless headphones:

Wireless headphones

These wireless headphones are not only practical, allowing you to listen to your favorite music without wires but sound quality is excellent and they are very cheap.

29. 32gb memory card:

32gb memory card

Although you can find cheaper memory cards, this original Samsung 32gb microSDHC card is worthy of appearing in our ranking, not only because of its price but also for its quality. It is perfect for smarthphones, tablets, cameras and all kinds of digital devices.

Since its class 10 makes it have high transfer speed. More than 9000 satisfied users confirm that it is product is worth it.

 30. Heart watch:

Heart watch

Elegant watch with heart motifs. You can choose from 6 colors, each prettier than next. Perfect as gift to yourself or anybody else.

31. Stone bangles:

Stone bangles

Jewels with natural stones are more fashionable than ever. We chose this beautiful bracelet available in several shades. And best part? When it comes to natural stones, every single one is unique!

32. Boot decoration:

Boot decoration

Boho-style lover? This is your product give your boring boots chic touch and combine your boots with your best boho outfits.

33. Headband turban:

Headband turban

We love these headbands! The seller has lot of colors and which allows you to combine them with any garment of your wardrobe.

They are an ideal alternative to boring headbands of yesteryear and are an elegant accessory. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

34. Tassel Earrings:

Tassel Earrings

Look at these beautiful earrings at scandalous price. For less than 1 dollar you can get these elegant earrings that will make all your friends jealous.

35. Color Tassels Scarf:

Color Tassels Scarf

Wrap your neck with this beautiful and colorful scarf. You’ll brighten up any look. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

36. Men’s watch:

Men's watch | Top AliExpress Products

We couldn’t forget you guys, we know you also like accessories. So check out this nice watch with some very peculiar straps.

Treat yourself to something nice. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

37. Men’s leather bracelet:

Men’s leather bracelet

And here’s a more masculine focus accessory. What do you think of this beautiful leather bracelet?

38. Pet’s Bowls:

Pet’s Bowls

If your dog eats way too fast, this is product for you. Its design will make it difficult to catch food. So your pet will eat more slowly. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

39. LED collar:

LED collar

This collar is among best sellers of AliExpress not that surprising considering. It is perfect for controlling where your pet is while you walk with him. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

40. Pet toy:

Pet toy | Top AliExpress Products

If your pet is tired of all her toys, AliExpress offers wide variety of them. Among line favorites is this rotating butterfly which according to comments of buyers, entertains their pets wonderfully.

41. Double leash:

Double leash

Are you lucky enough to have two furry hairballs? Don’t worry, this double leash make your walks way more comfortable.

42. Thermal mug:

Thermal mug | Top AliExpress Products

If you like Star Wars, you’ll love this magic cup. Just pour hot liquid in it, and you’ll see lightsabers light up.

43. T-shirts:

T-shirts | Top AliExpress Products

In AliExpress you can find wide range of T-shirts of your favorite characters. Its breathable finish makes it perfect for wearing to gym or for outdoor activities. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

44. Egg plant:

Egg plant | Top AliExpress Products

The only thing this egg plant needs is water, sunlight and, of course, lots of love. Don’t be that person that always lets plants die.

45. Motocross gloves:

Motocross gloves

Do you practice this passionate sport? Then pay attention to this product that we found in AliExpress! Good reviews and a very good price. Plus 3 different sizes and a lot of colors to choose from.

46. Coloring books:

Coloring books

Coloring books are very fashionable. It’s perfect hobby to disconnect and improve your creativity. In AliExpress you can find variety of very cheap models among most popular ones are ones shown below.

47: Pens:

Pens | Top AliExpress Products

These colored pens besides being very cheap are so pretty that you will want to use them all time.

48. Wooden pencils:

Wooden pencils

Since we have already show you coloring books, we have to show you these pencils to color them. You can choose from 12 to 36 units.

49. Patchwork fabric:

Patchwork fabric

AliExpress is your great ally. There are so many fabrics it is very hard to choose. We decide we like these in blue tones both for their good reviews and for their great price.

50. Washi Tape:

Washi Tape

But if scrap booking is your thing, we must also tell you that AliExpress is paradise.

We chose these given their wide range and fact that they have almost 2000 positive reviews. Pineapple motifs, leaves, confetti hard part is going to be choosing just one.

51. Craft paper:

Craft paper | Top AliExpress Products

We have fallen in love with this beautiful paper for ScrapBooking. It is printed on both sides and the package contains no less than 12 beautiful sheets of high quality paper.

52. Photo albums:

Photo albums

Now that holidays are behind you. It’s time to collect all wonderful photos from your trip and save them in this beautiful album. Don’t let print photos die.

53. Puppets:

Puppets | Top AliExpress Products

Puppets are great tool to teach children as well as being fun. In AliExpress you can find them very cheap, like this set of puppets which costs is less.

54. Ice cream cone lamp:

Ice cream cone lamp

If you need to decorate a children’s room, this lamp is perfect. As well as being fun, it lights up at the touch of a button, making it perfect for the youngest members of the household.

 55. Children’s Bags:

Children's Bags | Top AliExpress Products

Back to school. We know what those three words mean: a lot of expenses. But AliExpress, once again, makes it a little easier for us.

Don’t miss out on this funny backpack that we think is perfect for Pre-school. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

56. Baby outfit:

Baby outfit | Top AliExpress Products

Look at this beautiful little outfit including set of trouser, T-shirt and hat. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

There is no excuse for your baby to be fashionable. In reviews you can see real photos and we assure you they are really cute.

57. Mini Pill Reminder Alarm Box:

Mini Pill Reminder Alarm Box | Top AliExpress Products

Health is great wealth. To maintain health is very important. This is one of best gadgets on aliexpress for those who forget to take medicine on time.

This gadget will remind to take medicine on time according to set time. This is very easy to operate. It is small and easily can be taken with you during traveling. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

58. Portable Rechargeable Fan:

Portable Rechargeable Fan | Top AliExpress Products

This is rechargeable fan that can be use as handheld or desktop. It is mini humidifier and available in different colors. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

Design has builtin anti slip base and water tank. It has different controller has good capacity of 2000 mAh battery to give you long hours of cooling. It is portable and lightweight and can be taken anywhere.

59. Mini CCTV Camera:

Mini CCTV Camera | Top AliExpress Products

There is Motion Detector IP Night Vision Camera will automatically detect movements and send notification to mobile directly. It include in list of Top AliExpress Products.

Store all data in 64 GB TF card and also has option to store cloud storage. You can also choose both options. It has built in microphone and speaker to support two way audio.

60. Smart Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock:

Smart Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock | Top AliExpress Products

Best Sellers Safety Smart Lock on AliExpress allows you to store up to 10 fingerprints. With its high tech chip, processing is fast and convenient. Now no problem of forgetting keys because your fingers are key. Durable and safer gadgets suitable for doors, cabinets, bags etc. Easy to register and delete fingers. Rechargeable and low battery indicator.

AliExpress Review:

AliExpress Review | Top AliExpress Products

AliExpress has consumer rating of 3.24 stars from 6,700 reviews indicating. Most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with AliExpress most frequently mention good quality, free shipping and fast delivery. AliExpress ranks 12th among Wholesale sites. Buying online comes with inherent risks. Unlike doing your shopping in a physical store, you can’t see the item prior to purchase.

After all, many of cheap white label Chinese products on AliExpress are not available in stores. You are on your own. Normally, you will be making your decision solely based on description and few photos. It is vital. Therefore, that site has  robust buyer protection policy.

AliExpress is part of Alibaba Group. The group is Chinese eCommerce company that offers variety of retail services to businesses and consumers around world. In April 2016, it overtook Walmart to become  largest retailer in world. t’s an online-only company that sells mainly Chinese products.

Sellers can also offer buyers specific safeguards. As general rule, more guarantees provide more confident you can be in your purchase. Again, it helps to make AliExpress more reliable store. Sellers offer guarantees on per item basis. Make sure you do thorough research before you commit.


AliExpress was launch by Alibaba Group in 2010 as B2C platform for Chinese companies to sell to foreigners. Hangzhou-base Alibaba Group is huge Chinese ecommerce company which dominates their domestic B2C market with offerings such as Taobao and Tmall. Already very well known for their international B2B platform Alibaba. It finally achieve true worldwide recognition when they launch largest ever IPO in New York in September 2014.


Is it safe to buy from AliExpress?
AliExpress is safe because they have program called Buyer Protection. They guarantee that if your product doesn’t arrive on time as describe you can get full refund.
Is AliExpress from China?
AliExpress is online retail service base in China own by Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, it is made up of small businesses in China and other locations.
Where is AliExpress shipped from?
When it comes to AliExpress shipping, most sellers are base in China. AliExpress doesn’t necessarily disclose where it ships from on your shipment information.

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