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A Spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round at the end of handle. In Spoon are also use in preparation to measure, mix, stir and toss ingredients and for serving food in Spoon Menu. A type of cutlery, especially as part of a place setting, it is use primarily for transferring food to mouth. In this page we talk about Spoon Menu| Spoons Types and Uses of Cutlery.

Spoon Menu




A Spoon is a tool for eating. It is usually use for eating foods that are like liquids like soup and yogurt. It can also used for stirring. Humans use spoons every day. Some solids like cereal and ice cream are also usually eaten with spoons. A ladle is a bigger type of serving spoon used for soup, stew or other foods.

There are many different types of spoons. There are dessert spoons, soup spoons, baby spoons, teaspoons, tablespoons and others. Also There are spoons that are collector items. Also they are worth a lot of money. Some musicians even use two spoons as a musical instrument like a castanet.

Spoons used as tools for eating since Paleolithic times. Prehistoric peoples probably used shells or small pieces of wood as spoons. Both the Greek and Latin words for spoon come from word cochlea which is a spiral shaped snail shell. The Anglo Saxon word spoon means chip or splinter of wood.

Spoons are use primarily for eating liquid or semi liquid foods. Such as soup, stew or ice cream and very small or powdery solid items which cannot be easily lifted with a fork. Such as rice, sugar, cereals and green peas. In Southeast Asia, spoons are primary utensil use for eating. Forks are use to push foods such as rice onto spoon as well as their western usage for piercing food.

Spoon Menu Types:

Spoon Menu Types

Spoons are as old as knives and exist as early as prehistoric times. People in ancient civilizations made spoons out of wood, bone, rock, gold, silver and ivory. In the past societies of Egypt and UK, people use spoons as status symbol. The modern appearance of spoons emerged only in the 1700s. Today, we have spoons made of different sizes and materials. Such as metal, wood, plastic, ceramic or combination of two or more materials.

The most popular material is the stainless steel. Here we describe some Spoon Menu Types with description and Images that are given below:



Larger than a teaspoon, a tablespoon is both unit of measurement and utensil. It is include in Spoon Menu Types. That used regularly during meals. While you can buy tablespoons that shaped and designed specifically for measuring ingredients. Tablespoons are also utensils that used for eating.

They are ideal for adults to use due to their larger size and make it very easy to eat your meal. While some people think that they are perfect for eating soup. There is actually dedicated soup spoon available that has many benefits over this shape of a spoon.



Similar in size to teaspoon that we use to measure out ingredients when cooking or baking. It is include in Spoon Menu Types. However, have a different shape and appear to be sized down tablespoons. They are a great choice if you are going to be stirring sugar or cream into a cup of coffee or tea. They are also wonderful when feeding children.

Once a child has outgrown baby spoons, this spoon allows them to use silverware. That is identical in appearance to adults. But simply a little smaller so that they can more easily eat without making a mess.

Sugar Spoon:

Sugar Spoon

Sugar spoons are utensils that are primarily use to serve granulate sugar at table. It is include in Spoon Menu Types. While they look similar to teaspoons, they do have deeper bowls and often fluted edges along bowl. It is very easy to find sugar spoons that have been molded into shape of shells.

While any type of spoon can technically used to serve sugar, if you are setting a very formal table. Then it is advisable to have this type of spoon available for your sugar dish. They are also commonly known as “Sugar Shells” or even “Sugar Shovels” depending on their shape.

Soup Spoon:

Soup Spoon

Spoons that designed specifically for eating soup have larger bowls. It is include in Spoon Menu Types. They are generally a little bit deeper to make it easy for person using them to scoop up their soup without it spilling. There are many different sizes and styles of level when you are looking for a soup spoon.

The two main types are British soup spoons and Chinese soup spoons. British soup spoons are rather small and the bowl is very circular. Chinese soup spoons, on other hand, it can vary in size from small to incredibly large. Also they have a handle that is thick and extends from a flat and deep bowl. While most are made from ceramic, it is possible to find some made from other materials.

Dessert Spoon:

Dessert Spoon

Dessert spoons generally have a bowl that is significantly more pointed rather than rounded. It is include in Spoon Menu Types. While they can used to eat almost anything, they are generally used for dessert. The size of this spoon can vary widely between a teaspoon and tablespoon size.

While not used every day by all people, they are very commonly included in formal table settings. When setting a formal table, it is common for the desert spoon to either be brought in with dessert. It placed above plate, completely separate from any other utensils on the table.

Grapefruit Spoon:

Grapefruit Spoon

While very similar in size and shape to teaspoons, grapefruit spoons designed specifically to help people eat this citrus. The edge of the spoon is serrated, which helps the person using it to easily separate fruit from rind. It is include in Spoon Menu Types.

It is important if you are going to using this type of spoon or allowing a small child to use it. You are careful, as serration is sharp enough to accidentally cut you if you are not paying attention or are not careful.

Caviar Spoon:

Caviar Spoon

It is include in Spoon Menu Types. Traditionally, caviar spoons are made from materials such as wood, mother of pearl, animal horn and gold. There is a belief that caviar should not ever be served out of or with metal spoon as this material. It may cause caviar to not taste the best that it can.

These spoons tend to vary in size from three to five inches and a small and shallow bowl. That is ideal for scooping out and serving smaller amounts of caviar. Their bowls generally shaped like either paddle or an oval. Due to the small size and shape of these spoons, it is very rare to ever use them for anything other than serving caviar.



This is larger type of spoon that used primarily for serving foods that contain a lot of liquid. Such as stew or soup so that there is not a huge mess when food served. While they can vary in size, style and type. They generally have a long handle that attaches to a very large and deep bowl. It is include in Spoon Menu Types.

While it is common to find ladles that have the handle attached straight onto bowl. Others tend to have bowl attached at an angle to make it easier to lift food out of pot. There are some ladles that have spout or point to make it even easier to pour liquids without spilling them.

Slotted Spoon:

Slotted Spoon

It is include in Spoon Menu Types. These spoons can be either very intricate and ornate or rather plain. Their purpose is same no matter style of slotted spoon that you buy. They have holes, slots or other types of openings cut into bowl of spoon to allow liquid to pass through when serving. The larger pieces of food will remain on top of bowl. So that they can be served.

Larger slotted spoons are ideal for removing items from a cooking liquid in pot. While smaller ones are perfect for people who are going to be eating foods that are pack in juice. An absinthe spoon is a type of slotted spoon that has a very specific use. While others can used for wider variety of foods and purposes.

Baby Spoon:

Baby Spoon

When parents begin feeding their children solid foods, then they will want to make sure that they use a spoon. That is small enough for baby to easily use without choking or having too much food put into his or her mouth at once. Baby spoons are very small and are often coated with silicone or rubber to ensure that baby is not accidentally injured while eating.

Although these spoons come in variety of materials. It is common for families to have heirloom spoons that made of silver that they pass down through generations. Some baby spoons have rubber tips that will change color if food being served to baby is too hot. This will prevent parent or caregiver from accidentally burning child. It is include in Spoon Menu Types.

Coffee Measuring Spoon:

Coffee Measuring Spoon

People who drink a lot of coffee and prefer to make it on their own at home. It will benefit from having this type of measuring spoon in their kitchen. As it makes it very easy to consistently make great cups of coffee. They have deep and round bowls that designed for measuring out coffee grounds.

Due to their shape, they are not ideal for serving or for eating. But they do great job of helping people make perfect cup of coffee. It is include in Spoon Menu Types. 

Serving Spoon:

Serving Spoon

If you are going to be serving food at the table, then it is important that you have serving spoons to make this process as easy as possible. Unlike regular spoons that used for eating, serving spoons significantly larger have long handles. They have larger bowls to ensure that you can easily serve out generous portions.

When buying serving spoons, it is important to consider what type you will need. As they come in many styles with scalloped edges, slots or bowls without holes to make it easy to serve. It is include in Spoon Menu Types.

Spoon Menu:

Spoon Menu

Spoons are used primarily for eating liquid or semi liquid foods. Such as soup, stew or ice cream and very small or powdery solid items which cannot be easily lifted with fork. Such as rice, sugar, cereals and green peas. In Southeast Asia, spoons are primary utensil use for eating.

Spoons are also widely use in cooking and serving. In baking, batter is usually thin enough to pour or drop from a spoon, mixture of such consistency is sometimes called “drop batter”. Rolled dough dropped from spoon to cookie sheet can be made into rock cakes and other cookies. While johnnycake may prepared by dropping spoonful of cornmeal onto a hot greased griddle.

A spoon is similarly useful in processing jelly, sugar and syrup. A test sample of jelly taken from boiling mass may allowed to slip from spoon in sheet, in step called “sheeting”. At “crack” stage, syrup from boiling sugar may dripped from spoon, causing it to break with snap when chilled. When boiled to 240 °F and poured from spoon, sugar forms filament or “thread”.

Used for stirring, spoon passed through a substance with continued circular movement. This is for purpose of mixing, blending, dissolving, cooling or preventing sticking of ingredients. Mixed drinks may “muddled” by working spoon to crush and mix ingredients. Such as mint and sugar on bottom of glass or mixer. A spoon may also employed to toss ingredients by mixing them lightly until they well coated with a dressing.

Spoon Material:

Present day Spoons are made from metal, wood, porcelain or plastic. There are wide variety of Spoons that made of variety of materials and by different cultures for many different uses and foods. Metal conducts heat faster than wood. If head of spoon is in hot liquid, handle will get hot faster if it’s made out of metal. By the way, Stainless Steel has lower heat conductivity than many other metals. It is decent material for kitchen utensils as result.

Knives, forks and spoons are usually made from stainless steelStainless steel is made by mixing molten iron with another metal called chromium. That stops steel from rusting. Iron and chromium both come from minerals. Here We talk about some Spoon Material:



Plastic spoons are generally use in a situation where you can throw them away. They can washed and reused, especially if you opt for heavier duty plastic. One problem that many people have with plastic spoons is that they are very lightweight. It can easily shatter or break if you’re not careful.

This is something to take into consideration if you are going to be giving a child plastic spoon as biting down too hard on spoon. It can cause it to shatter and may cut the child’s mouth. Additionally, plastic spoons are not great for the environment.



Copper spoons look great in most any kitchen. Especially if you have pots and pans that also made of this material. Although copper tends to be very durable, it is important to make. Sure that you do not use highly acidic foods with this type of spoon. As it can damage the copper itself.

It’s also a good idea to consider hand washing your copper spoons so that they will not become damaged in the dishwasher.



Ceramic or porcelain spoons are incredibly delicate and attractive, which means that they are not ideal for everyday use but are perfect for special occasions.

They are generally used for serving or as a sugar spoon, and they are not used as an everyday utensil that is used at each meal. This is due to how fragile the material is and the fact that they can easily be broken.



Wood spoons have a number of advantages that make them very popular in almost every kitchen. They are generally very comfortable to hold and have a long handle to keep your hand away from high heat. When you are stirring something that is on the stove. Additionally, because wood is not connected. You will not have to worry about ever burning your hand because this spoon will not heat up.

They are great for use on nonstick pots and pans because they will not scratch surface. While some metal spoons will react with acidic foods, wood will not, making this type of spoon ideal for cooking things. Like tomato sauce and lemon curd. It is important that you not put your wooden spoons in dishwasher. Especially if you use the drying cycle. Oiling your wooden spoons on a regular basis will keep them from cracking or becoming damaged.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel

It is very common to have stainless steel spoons in your kitchen both for eating and cooking. Generally, They have a nice way to them, making them ideal for eating and very beneficial for cooking as well. One thing to be careful of when using stainless steel spoons for cooking is that they will heat up. It can burn your hand if you’re not careful.

Additionally, these spoons have a hard surface and edge that can accidentally scratch the nonstick coating on your pots and pans.



Spoons that are made out of food-grade silicone can stand up to incredibly high heat without ever being damaged. This is ideal if you tend to forget your spoon in your pot or pan while cooking. It will not be damaged, even when you leave it for extended periods of time.

These spoons are stain resistant and can stand up to odors and colors without becoming stained. They are great for scraping every last bit of a sauce out of the pan without accidentally scratching the surface, and they can be easily put into the dishwasher when it’s time to clean them.



Bamboo spoons are growing in popularity and for good reason. They do a wonderful job of resisting stains and odors. It means that you won’t ever have to worry about them losing their attractive appearance or smelling funny. Additionally, bamboo tends to be very durable and strong, even though it incredibly flexible and light.

These spoons will last for a significantly longer time than plastic and wooden spoons tend to do. They won’t scratch your non-stick finish and are affordable enough. You can purchase a number of different spoons for your kitchen without going over budget.

Spoon History:

Spoon History

Various forms of Spoons used by the ancient Egyptians include those compose of ivory, flint, slate and wood. Many of them carved with religious symbols. During Neolithic Ozieri civilization in Sardinia, ceramic ladles and spoons. They were already in use. In Shang Dynasty China, spoons made of bone. Early bronze spoons in China were design with sharp point and may also been used as cutlery.

The spoons of Greeks and Romans were chiefly made of bronze and silver. The handle usually takes form of a spike or pointed stem. There are many examples in British Museum from which forms of various types can be ascertained. Chief points of difference being found in junction of bowl with handle. The earliest English reference appears to be in will of 1259.

In the early Muslim world, spoons used for eating soup. Medieval spoons for domestic use were commonly made of cow horn or wood but brass, pewter and latten spoons appear to have common in about the 15th century. The full descriptions and entries relating to silver spoons in inventories of royal and other households point to their special value and rarity.

The sets of Apostle Spoons, popular as christening presents in Tudor times. The handles of which terminate in heads or busts of apostles are a special form to which antiquarian interest attaches. The earlier English spoon handles terminate in an acorn, plain knob or diamond. At the end of 16th century, baluster and seal ending becomes common, bowl being fig shaped. In first quarter of 18th century, bowl becomes narrow and elliptical with tongue. And handle is turn up at end.


Spoon is a tool for eating. A Spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round at the end of handle.  It is usually use for eating foods that are like liquids like soup and yogurt. In Spoon are also use in preparation to measure, mix, stir and toss ingredients and for serving food in Spoon Menu. There are many different types of spoons. There are dessert spoons, soup spoons, baby spoons, teaspoons, tablespoons and others.


What is a Spoon Tool?
spoon is a utensil consisting of small shallow bowl, oval or round at the end of a handle. Present day spoons are made from metal, wood, porcelain or plastic.
What is a spoon handle called?
The metal part of blade that extends into wooden handle is called the Tang.
What is main Materials types taht use in Made of Spoons?
Spoons are made by many different materials like Plastic, Wood, Copper, Porcelain, Silicon and Stainless Steel etc.

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