Smeg Oven | Smeg Oven Description and Buying With Details

The Smeg Oven is design and produce in Italy. Smeg ovens are excellent cooking appliances with exclusive design that always offer peak performance. This function enables thermostat and fan elements of the SMEG oven to reheat any food. The four models we tested in our wall oven reviews all got high scores for performance, baking and roasting. In this we discuss about Smeg Oven | Smeg Oven Description and Buying With Details.

Smeg Oven


Smeg Oven:

Smeg Oven

Smeg is stand for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. Italian company SMEG makes other kinds of refrigerators and kitchen appliances too. Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in north of the country. Smeg has subsidiaries worldwide, overseas offices and an extensive sales network.

Smeg’s designs are so powerful that they don’t just connect to a brand, but a lifestyle. Also, with higher price points than your average home appliance. Smeg is for those who value flair. Aiming to suit a variety of tastes, these fridges come in an extensive array of colors to match any kitchen layout. Smeg’s pyrolytic ovens feature an automatic cleaning function. Its means no detergents need to be use in oven cavity. These ovens are extremely easy to clean.

Ovens will give off a strong “straight from the factory” odour the first time you use them. As such, once you have had your Smeg oven installed. We recommend turning it on at the highest temperature and then leaving it for around 1 hour. Leaving with window open to allow fresh air in before you start cooking any food.

This is a brave new world for Smeg. Unlike Smeg’s ovens, cookers, dishwashers and hobs, this small appliance range is not and will not be manufactured in Italy. Due to the financial practicalities of small appliance manufacturing, products will be assembled in China. 

SMEG Oven Symbols:

SMEG Oven Symbols

We can probably all agree that today, ovens are an indispensable piece of technology that no kitchen can live without. But while wiring these powerful pizza and cake factories to your power grid. It is a challenge in and of itself, your troubles are in no way over.

In fact, you may already learn this first hand right after fresh kitchen installation or total refurbishment. Since oven manufacturers have infuriating habit of explaining each function in strings. It have function in strings of cryptic letters and symbols within their written instructions. An Italian company whose oven manuals resemble those of operating a spacecraft.




The seal of Smeg’s quality, technical excellence and taste: succulent roasts, crisp pastry and impressive baking is achieved in Smeg’s unique, perfectly controlled cooking environment. Thermoseal maintains the perfect atmospheric balance in the cavity for optimum cooking conditions

Pyrolytic Cleaning:

Smeg’s pyrolytic cycle locks the door and heats the oven to around 500ºC. This process carbonises any food residue or burnt-on grease to a small amount of ash, which can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth. Smeg also has Eco Pyro – the low energy option

SmartSense Plus:

Smeg’s SmartSense Plus provides a foolproof, step-by-step guide to cooking. The large TFT colour display is legible without reading glasses, and so simple to follow. SmartSense Plus also has 50 guided cooking programs and you can also save 10 of your most-used favourites

Ever Clean Enamel:

The superior quality of Smeg’s patented Ever Clean enamel, which is highly durable and easy to clean, is the result of nearly 70 years of enameling expertise; ensuring long-life performance of every Smeg oven

Cool Door Technology :

Smeg’s Cool Door system is a combination of technologies which is driven by a 22 blade tangential fan and includes a heat exchange baffle system. It draws cool air up through the panes of heat-reflective glass in the door, making it safe to the touch even when the oven is at pyrolytic temperatures of around 500ºC.

Smeg’s Oven Main Features:

  • Dimensions in cm is H88.4 x W59.7 x D57.
  • 2 multifunctional ovens give you more ways to cook.
  • Cook dishes together without flavors transferring.
  • Special function uses steam to keep your oven clean.
  • Automatic programs take the guess work out of cooking.

Smeg electric ovens:

Smeg electric ovens

Smeg’s electric ovens are said to deliver reliable and constant temperatures through best European craftsmanship. What really sets its electric ovens apart from other brands. However, it is thermoseal sealed oven construction. Thermoseal inhibits exchange of air between interior and exterior of oven. It’s reducing the food’s expose to the drying effects of vented air and helping to retain moisture. This technology is unique to Smeg. It helps make succulent meals and reduces the amount of excess fats.

Looking at Smeg’s range, it has a large amount of traditional single wall ovens. The prices of these Smeg single ovens range from $1,352 to $3,477. There are plenty of differences between cheapest and most expensive options.

What ovens does Smeg offer?

What ovens does offer

Smeg has a huge range of ovens that  larger than any other oven brand Canstar Blue rates. According to the company, Smeg offers a whopping 93 separate oven models. That is far more than any other manufacturer here in Australia.

This is far too many for us to discuss individually in this article. So, instead we will just discuss the key ovens in each of the different categories and features that are most common among them. Generally, Smeg ovens can be separated into six different categories:

  • Steam ovens
  • Double ovens
  • Pyrolytic ovens
  • Large wall ovens
  • 600mm electric ovens
  • Upright ovens in gas & electric

Are Smeg single electric ovens worth it?

Are single electric ovens worth it

Smeg’s single oven range is huge with plenty of different options available to choose from and most of them are worth money. Products like the SFA7390X have even more features than ones describe. That is  with some ovens having up to 15 different cooking functions and LCD displays. It improve their aesthetic value.

Overall, majority of Smeg’s single ovens all seem to have an acceptable number of additional features. It help them stand out over basic ovens. At a minimum of $1,300, they are little on pricey side. But for a lot of people this extra outlay is worth convenience and quality they can give you. If they’re within budget, then definitely consider Smeg’s single ovens.

Smeg double ovens:

double ovens

As you probably already knew, double ovens are ovens with two or more separate compartments. That allow you to cook multiple different meals at once in different conditions.

One section is usually bigger than the other. But this is not always the case.

Smeg’s states that it stocks 9 different double ovens. But the prices are only available for a select few of them.

We will have a look at these ovens to see the kind of features that make them worth buying.

Smeg’s Oven Specification: 

  • 2 x Chrome grill insert
  • 3 x Chrome shelves
  • 1 x 20mm enamelled baking tray
  • 2 x 40mm enamelled baking tray
  • 1 x Partial telescopic guides
Width (mm) 597
Depth (mm) 567
Height (mm) 884
Colour Stainless Steel
Number of functions 18
Oven Volume (L) 120
Number of Shelf Positions 4
Oven Features Sabbath mode
Oven Cleaning Pyrolytic
Oven Cooking Modes Fan forced, Base heat, Convection
Grill Location Integrated electric grill
Grilling Modes Full grill
Special Oven Cooking Programs Defrost by weight, Defrost by time, Keep warm
Oven Safety Features Cool touch door
Great For Cooking Meat, Bread baking, Pizza, Dough proving
Brand Smeg
Product Range Smeg Classic
Warranty 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
Origin Italy
Oven Type Double Oven
Control type Control knobs
Fuel type Electric
Type of connection Hardwired
Connected Load (kW) 5.7

Review of Smeg oven:

Review of Smeg oven

Smeg is an Italian home appliance brand that has been providing “elegant contemporary living solutions” for over 60 years globally. It is a leading provider of home appliances in Australia. Its products focus on style and technology, combined with high performance. This is reflected by the high quality of its ovens.

This review will examine all of the ovens that Smeg offers to its Australian customers in order to determine. If they are worth spending your hard earned money on. We will have a look at the price of each product and the special features they possess that set them apart from their competitors.


Smeg is stand for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. Italian company SMEG makes other kinds of refrigerators and kitchen appliances too. Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in north of the country. The Smeg Oven is design and produce in Italy. Smeg ovens are excellent cooking appliances with exclusive design that always offer peak performance.


Where are Smeg Oven is Designed?
The Smeg Oven is design and produce in Italy. Italian company SMEG makes other kinds of refrigerators and kitchen appliances too.
What is Smeg stands For?
Smeg is stand for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.
What you know about Thermoseal in Smeg's Oven?
Thermoseal maintains the perfect atmospheric balance in the cavity for optimum cooking conditions.

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