Pet Fish Types | Different Popular Types of Fishes

Fish are popular pets and some kinds are easy to take care of. Pet fish are kept in glass tank called an aquarium. Some fish come from warm waters. In this page we talk about Pet Fish Types | Different Popular Types of Fishes.

Pet Fish Types




Fish are gill bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits. They form sister group to tunicates together forming olfactores. Included in this definition are living hag-fish, lampreys, cartilaginous and bony fish as well as various extinct related groups. Most fish are ectothermic allowing their body temperatures to vary as ambient temperatures change. Though some of large active swimmers like white shark and tuna can hold a higher core temperature.

The earliest organisms that can be classified as fish were soft bodied chordates. That first appeared during Cambrian period. Although they lacked true spine, they possessed notochords which allowed them to be more agile than their invertebrate counterparts. Fish would continue to evolve through Paleozoic era, diversifying into wide variety of forms. Many fish of Paleozoic developed external armor that protect them from predators. The first fish with jaws appear in Silurian period after which many became formidable marine predators rather than just prey of arthropods.

Fish can communicate in their underwater environments through  use of acoustic communication. Acoustic communication in fish involves transmission of acoustic signals from one individual of species to another. The production of sounds as means of communication among fish is most often use in context of feeding, aggression or courtship behavior. Fish are abundant in most bodies of water.

Fish are an important resource for humans worldwide especially as food. Commercial and subsistence fishers hunt fish in wild fisheries or farm them in ponds or in cages in ocean. They are also caught by recreational fishers kept as pets. It raised by fish keepers and exhibited in public aquaria. Fish have had role in culture through ages serving as deities, religious symbols, as subjects of art, books and movies.

Pet Fish:

Pet Fish

Fish keeping is a popular hobby practice by aquarists. It concerned with keeping fish in a home aquarium or garden pond. There is also piscicultural fish keeping industry as branch of agriculture. So, aquarium needs an underwater heater that automatically switches on and off to keep  temperature of water just right. People keeps Fishes in their House as a Pet.

Unlike mammals, fish are cold blooded. This means that they do not maintain constant internal body temperature. Instead their temperature is greatly influence by their environment. True fish have backbone and fins. Most also breathe with gills and have scales that cover their bodies. It is currently believe that fish began to evolve about 480 million years ago. There are about 22,000 known species of fish.

A fish’s fins are use for balance and to help propel and steer through water. Most fish have 2 types of fins: single fins that are found along centerline of fish and pair fins. The caudal fin or tail fin is main fin use to move fish forward in water. While dorsal and anal fins help fish balance and keep it from rolling over. The paired fins help with steering and hovering.

Many fish have excellent vision and can see colors. They also have nostrils and are able to detect odors in water. Fish may or may not have teeth depending on species. Another organ of sense unique to fish is called lateral line locate along side of fish. It contains small sensory hairs that help detect underwater vibrations. It determine their source enabling fish to navigate even in low light or murky water.

Pet Fish Types:

Over 12.5 million households keep freshwater fish in US. They account for largest proportion of pets owned across America. It’s no surprise that they are top choice of pet.

Most of species that we’ll look at here are easy to care for beauty and color to your homes. They are very relaxing to watch. We give here some Pet Fish Types.

  • Neon Tetra
  • Guppies
  • Oscar
  • Mollies
  • Zebra Danios
  • Platies
  • Cherry Barb
  • Pearl Gourami
  • Swordtails
  • Discus
  • Killifish
  • Bettas
  • Plecostomus
  • Rainbowfish
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Goldfish
  • Angelfish
  • Catfish
  • Bluefish
  • Aquarium fish

Best Pet Fish List:

Keeping freshwater fish also has many health benefits such as reducing stress, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Most people who start off in fish keeping hobby get hook very quickly mainly. Because fish are so beautiful to watch.

Many have characteristics and personalities all of their own. We describe here Best Pet Fish Types List.

In this article, we’re going to take look at most popular species available in freshwater aquarium industry today. We talk here about Best Pet Fish List.

1. Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetras are a small easy to care for species. This popular aquarium species is often one of first fish beginner aquarist will buy. They reach around 2.2cm in length and like to be kept in groups. They are great choice for small community aquariums due to their peaceful temperament. It is include in Pet Fish Types.

Neon Tetras come in bright colors and have an iridescent blue horizontal strip across their body. They require soft, acidic water with tropical temperatures. It will accept most foods. They are omnivores. So,  will feed on brine, shrimp, worms and insects as well as plants.

Did you know: Over 1.5 million Neon Tetras are imported to US each month.

2. Guppies


This colorful and lively fish is able to adapt to variety of water conditions which is one of reasons they are so popular. They are also very easy to care for. You should keep guppies in sets of threes and good guide for tank size. Size is 1 gallon of water per guppy. It is also include in Pet Fish Types.

Males are much more colorful and vibrant than females. So, if you’re not looking to breed, you may want to just keep males. The ideal water temperature for guppies is 50OF – 84 OF (10-29OC). Most importantly,  factor is that temperature is kept consistent.

Guppies should be fed a mixture of plant and animal based foods. 

3. Oscar


Oscars are thought to be one of most intelligent aquarium fish available. They are one of few species that can be train to do tricks. However, Oscars are not community fish, they should be kept in species only tank. They can grow very large and very quickly.

They require lot more maintenance than other fish. It is include in Pet Fish Types. Due to their carnivorous nature and amount of waste they create. On positive side, they are one of few species you can hand feed. They will often eat food from between your fingers.

Oscars thrive when kept in pairsor group of 5+. They should be housed together from young age.

4. Mollies


This small, peaceful species grow to around 3-4 inches. It is include in Pet Fish Types. It adapt well to a variety of water conditions. The ideal tank conditions are minimum tank size of 20 gallons and warm water with pH between 7.0-7.8.

Mollies are omnivorous, and will require a diet of both plant and animal food. Interestingly, they are live bearers meaning they give birth to their young live rather than lay eggs. Mollies are very easy to care for but they also breed very easily.

So if you are beginner you might want to keep just single.

5. Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios | Pet Fish Types

The Zebra Danios make perfect beginner fish. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They are very easy to care for and can grow up to 5-7cm. They should be kept in at least 10 gallon tan, in groups of at least 5. Danios are a schooling fish and will become stress if their numbers are too lows.

They are not fussy eaters and will eat most foods. The healthiest option for them would be lots of worms, insets and crustaceans to mimic their natural diet. However, good quality flake will also work with supplement of frozen or live food.

Danios are also known to jump so you may want to keep your tank covered.

6. Platies


Platies come in almost every color imaginable. They are very easy to care for  just two of reasons why they are so popular. They are great community fish, they’re very peaceful and get along well with guppies and mollies. It is include in Pet Fish Types.

Although small, platies are very active and love being in groups. A 10 gallon tank is large enough for 5 fish. Whilst they are omnivorous. They do require much more herbivorous food than meats.

Ideally, they need a good mix of plant based food and proteins.

7. Cherry Barb

Cherry Barb

The Cherry Barb gets its name from color male turns when it is spawning. Usually, they are silver/black with golden lateral line. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They are a peaceful fish which will grow to around 2 inches in length.

They require minimum tank size of 25 gallons. Cherry Barbs are omnivorous and will eat most types of food including live, fresh, frozen and flake foods. They also planted areas where they can hide.

Cherry Barb are easy to care for and can be kept in community tanks with open space to swim. 

8. Pearl Gourami

Pearl Gourami


The Pearl Gourami is relatively large but peaceful fish and one of most easy to keep Gouramis. The minimum tank size for this species is 30 gallon tank with plenty of hiding places, dark substrate and low lighting. It also include in Pet Fish Types.

They can be housed with other fish of similar size and temperament. However, you should not house them with aggressive fish. Pearl Gourami’s are omnivorous and should be fed algae based and meaty foods.

They are well known for eating Hydra. A tiny pest that has tentacles with venom, so make a great solution if you have a hydra problem.

9. Swordtails

Swordtails | Pet Fish Types

The swordtail is similar in shape to platy and guppy fish with slightly bulkier body. It has sword shape extension of its fin. There are many different color variations available. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They are quite hardy which makes them perfect species for beginner aquarist.

Swordtails are usually peaceful yet lively. They thrive in community tanks and like to swim in loosely group schools. They breed easily and if you do decide to breed them, you should keep them away from their parents.

Swordtail parents will often eat their fry.

10. Discus


These beautiful and graceful fish can grow to be quite large. Therefore require larger tank, minimum size of 25 gallons. Discus are not recommended for beginners and instead should only be kept by experience aquarists. It is include in Pet Fish Types.

They can be housed with other fish that require same water conditions as long as they are not aggressive. Discus will take variety of foods but are carnivorous in nature.

The best diet for them consists of beef heart and blood worms supplemented with flakes to provide vitamins and minerals.

11. Killifish

Killifish | Pet Fish Types

Killifish come in wide variety of bright colors. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They are extremely hardy fish and there are over 700 species. A breed to suit almost every tank condition. They are generally peaceful fish and do well in community tanks with other small non-aggressive fish.

It’s best to keep just one male to each tank though. Because they can be aggressive towards each other. A Killifish are very easy to breed and either annual or non-annual breeders. In the wild, annual killifish lay their eggs in temporary bodies of water which dry up for months at time. When they refill,  fry hatch.

Most Killifish are carnivores. Therefore, enjoy diet of insect larvae, worms and crustaceans.

12. Bettas


Another extremely popular freshwater fish is Betta. It also include in Pet Fish Types. It is not surprising why? Bettas are vibrantly colored and easy to care for. Male Bettas are notoriously aggressive towards other males. Therefore only one male Betta should be kept in each aquarium. They can be housed with other peaceful fish.

Bettas require an omnivorous diet of both plant and animal foods. They grow to maximum size of 3 inches. Although you often see Bettas in small ornamental tanks. They should be housed in larger tanks.

Did you know: Bettas are able to breathe air outside of the water due to their labyrinth.

13. Plecostomus


Plecs are breed of catfish. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They have heavy armored plates on their bodies and sucker shaped mouths to feed on algae in your tank. Whilst some species are happy eating algae, wafers and flakes. Others will need meaty food such as frozen brine shrimp.

Breeding Plecs is extremely difficult and only small number of aquarists have manage to breed them. Plecos can live for 20 years. Sometimes longer if cared for correctly. It’s also worth knowing that they can jump too so keep lid on your tank.

They can be housed with many different species. But avoid keeping them with fat/flat bodied fish. Such as goldfish as they may suck on them.

14. Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish | Pet Fish Types

Rainbowfish originate from Australia and Southeast Asia. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They are peaceful schooling fish that can grow up to 6 inches long.

This is perhaps one of least common fish that we are featuring here. Perhaps because its colors only begin to show as they enter adulthood. However, if given right care in just couple of years they can display stunning and vibrant colors.

Rainbowfish get along well with other upper level schooling fish such as danios, bards and larger tetras.

15. Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras Catfish

Also known as Cory Cats, these fish are staple in most freshwater tanks. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They’re easy to care for calm and peaceful yet active bottom dwellers.

They are very social and whilst you can keep them. Individually, they thrive if kept in group of two or more. They get on well with most community tank fish as long as they are not aggressive.

Corydoras grow up to 2.5 inches in length and are excellent tank cleaners. They’ll pick up left over foods from gravel but also require other foods such as flakes and bottom feeder tablets.

16. Goldfish


When most people think of Goldfish. It is include in Pet Fish Types. They think of small fish bowls with fish that was won at the fair. This is not correct way to house goldfish. Few people know that they can actually grow up to 14 inches in wild.

The minimum tank size for goldfish is 20 gallons. You’ll also need filter and to perform 10-15% weekly water changes. There are many different varieties of goldfish and its fine to mix them. As long as they aren’t breeds that would compete with each other for food.

For example, keep single tailed varieties together and normal eyed goldfish together.

17. Angelfish

Angelfish | Pet Fish Types

Angelfish are member of Cichlid family. It is include in Pet Fish Types. Which also includes Discus, Oscars and Parrot fish. All common fish among aquarium keepers. They can grow up to 6 inches in length, 8 inches tall and come in variety of colors and patterns.

They are omnivorous, so will need a balanced diet of meat and plant food. There are many different types of angelfish. Their tank should be at least 20 gallons. Water should be slightly soft and acidic. As they mature, they can become aggressive, especially if your tank in overcrowded.

In general though, they are good community fish. Just don’t keep them with very small fish or fin nipping species.

18. Catfish


Catfish are not most spectacular fish in tank. It is include in Pet Fish Types. But they serve an important purpose. These low maintenance, bottom dwelling fish consume algae growing in tank.

So, they aid in keeping tank clean. Choose among various catfish species and colors.

Most types of catfish are compatible with the fish commonly kept in community tanks.

19. Blue Fish

Blue Fish | Pet Fish Types

The bluefish is only extant species of family Pomatomidae. It is marine pelagic fish found around world in temperate and subtropical waters except for northern Pacific Ocean. Bluefish are known as tailor in Australia and New Zealand, elf and shad in South Africa. It is popular game fish and food fish.

The bluefish is moderately proportioned fish with broad forked tail. The spiny first dorsal fin is normally folded back in groove as its pectoral fins. Coloration is grayish blue green dorsally fading to white on lower sides and belly.

Its single row of teeth in each jaw is uniform in size, knife edged and sharp.

20. Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish | Pet Fish Types

An aquarium is vivarium of any size having at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals kept and displayed. Fish keepers use aquaria to keep fish, invertebrates, amphibians, aquatic reptiles. Such as turtles, and aquatic plants.

The term “aquarium” coined by naturalist Philip Henry Gosse combines Latin root aqua meaning water with suffix arium.  An aquarist owns fish typically constructed of glass or high strength acrylic. Cuboid aquaria are also known as fish tanks or simply tanks.

Bowl shaped aquaria are also known as Fish bowls.

Fish Bowl:

Fish Bowl | Pet Fish Types

If you have ever been to a county fair, you have probably seen those games where you can win goldfish in a bowl. This practice has result in countless fish being taken home and kept in small bowls. Keeping fish in fish bowl is probably simplest way you could keep pet fish in your house.

The history of keeping fish for either food or as pets goes back at least 4,000 years. The Chinese have long history of keeping fish inside home in containers. Today it is still common to see certain types of fish kept in small containers. This is particularly true for Siamese Fighting Fish. Proponents of fish bowl maintain in wild, these fish found in very limited habitats.

Today it is possible to find fish bowls in virtually any size and shape. Classic drum style; For same size, you’ll find more water volume in a round style. Round style; This type fish bowl is completely round. Has a larger water volume capacity than a classic drum style of the same size. Marineland sells fish bowls set in frames that include a little light. They’re marketing this bowl to house Bettas.

  • Fish bowls are cheap and easy to find.
  • The bowls are small enabling you to fit fish into small home.
  • Fish bowls are simple.
  • when they’re fill, so you can move them around as you see fit.
  • Fish bowls are too small.
  • Forget about keeping saltwater fish in a fish bowl.
  • No other Cons.


Pet fish that kept in glass tank called an aquarium. Some fish come from warm waters. Fish keeping is a popular hobby practice by aquarists. It concerned with keeping fish in a home aquarium or garden pond. There is also pisciculture fish keeping industry as branch of agriculture. Many fish have excellent vision and can see colors. They also have nostrils and are able to detect odors in water.


What is best fish to buy for pet?
The Neon Tetra is small, thin and easy to care fish that’s ideal for new owners.
Are fish good pets?
Yes! Fish is very good as a Pet.
Do pet fish get lonely?
In captivity, it’s strongly recommended that they should be kept at least in pairs to provide companionship.
Can a fish recognize its owner?
Yes! Fish do recognize their owners. Not only this but they develop a bond with their owners as well.

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