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Looking for something to do in Global Event. Something that happens especially one of some importance. The venture had no successful events. Something that occurs during a particular interval of time. In this page we talk about Global Event | Up Coming Events.

Global Event


Global Event:

Global Event

A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance. The momentous political events of the late 1980. Global Event is an international communications agency built to connect brands & people through the power of live events a planned public or social occasion.

An event is copy that aims to tell your potential attendees what will be happening at event, who will be speaking and what they will get out of attending. Good event can drive attendance to events and also lead to more media coverage. Something especially something important or notable that happens. A planned occasion or activity such as social gathering. Some of events were huge, yet impact only continent or two.

Global event as events of limited duration that have global reach, require significant public investment and have an impact on population and built environment. Others literally touched every culture and brought them into whole new way of thinking. Here is my humble attempt at 20 most important events in history, not listed in any particular order.

List of Events:

  • Eid Day
  • Birthday
  • Holidays
  • Fool Day
  • New year
  • Iqbal Day
  • Earth Day
  • Quaid Day
  • Poetry Day
  • Health Day
  • Labour Day
  • Water Day
  • Colour Day
  • Sports Day
  • Women Day
  • Anniversary
  • Father’s Day
  • Kashmir Day
  • Doctor’s Day
  • Humans Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Children Day
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Valentine Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Resolution Day
  • Friendship Day
  • Environment Day
  • Independence Day
  • World Tourism Day
  • World Population Day

Eid Day:

Eid Day | Global Event

Eid  is a religious events that celebrated by Muslims around the world. Actually, eid means celebration and mubarak  means “Blessed”. In the social sense  people usually celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr after Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha in the month of Dhul Hijjah.

Muslims celebrate three  Eids:

  1. Eid-ul-Fitar
  2. Eid-ul-Adha
  3. Eid Milad-un-Nabi



Eid-ul-Fitr is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population,  schools and most businesses are close. Eid-ul-Fitr is the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal.

It marks the end of Ramadan. Many Muslims attend communal prayers, listen to a khutba (sermon) and give zakat-ul-fitr charity in the form of food during Eid ul-Fitr.



Eid ul-Adha is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, schools and most businesses are close.

Eid ul-Adha is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim (also known as Abraham) to follow Allah’s (God’s) command to sacrifice his son. Muslims around the world observe this event.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi:

Eid Milad-un-Nabi

Eid Milad un-Nabi is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, schools and most businesses are close. Eid Milad-un-Nabi also known as the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

It is a public holiday in Pakistan. Sunni Muslims observe Milad-un-Nabi on 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal (third month of the Islamic calendar) while Shia Muslims observe it on 17 Rabi-ul-Awwal coinciding with the birth date of their sixth Imam Jafar-al-Sadiq.


Birthday | Global Event

A Birthday is the day of the birth of a person in which he born. Birthdays of people celebrated in numerous cultures often with birthday gifts. Celebrities are also celebrate their Birthdays. We also call birthday is a Global Event.

Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders or religious figures with special holidays.

  • “Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come”.
  • “It’s your day, and I can’t wait to celebrate it with you”.
  • “You always bring a sweet smile to my face! Happy birthday”.
  • “My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy”.

Fool Day:

Fool Day

April Fools’ Day or April Fool’s Day is an annual custom on April 1 consisting of practical jokes. The April Fool or Fool day is celebrate on Thursday 1 April 2021.

Jokesters often expose their actions by shouting “April Fools!” at the recipient. Mass media can be involve in these pranks, which may be reveal as such the following day.

The day is not a public holiday in any country. The embrace of April Fool’s Day jokes by the media and major brands has ensure the unofficial holiday’s long life.

New Year:

New Year

New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one. Happy New year is a global event.

Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and the 1st day of January is often mark as a National Holiday. The New Year also known as the Good Sign for everything, occurs every year on the new moon about the beginning of Autumn.

In cultures that traditionally or currently use calendars other than the Gregorian  New Year’s Day is often also an important celebration. Some countries concurrently use Gregorian and another calendar. New Year’s Day in the alternative calendar attracts alternative celebrations of that new year.

Iqbal Day:

Iqbal Day

Iqbal day is organized and celebrated on 9 November every year in all the provinces in Pakistan as a tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal who was the “Poet of the East”. Allama was born in 9 November 1877 Sialkot, Punjab.

Even, Iqbal was a strong proponent of the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilization across the world but specifically in India. A series of famous lectures he deliver to this effect were publish as the Reconstruction of  Religious thought in Islam.

One of the most prominent leaders of the All India Muslim League Iqbal encouraged the creation of a “state in northwestern India for Indian Muslims” in his 1930 presidential address. He Also known as  Muffakir-e-Pakistan, Shair-e-Mashriq, and Hakeem-ul-Ummat .He died on 21 April 1938 in Lahore, Punjab, British India.

Earth Day:

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The Earth day is celebrate on Thursday 22 April 2021. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries.

The first Earth Day is credit with launching the modern environmental movement and is now recognize as the planet’s largest civic event.

We find ourselves today in a world facing global threats that demand a unified global response. For Earth Day 2020, we will build a new generation of environmentalist activists, engaging millions of people worldwide.

Quaid Day:

Quaid Day

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in 25 December 1876. He is a founder of Pakistan. He also known as Jinnah, a barrister and a politician. His birthday is a National holiday in Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah said: “There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan”.

Jinnah served as the leader of the All India Muslim League from 1913 until Pakistan’s independence on 14 August 1947 and then as Pakistan’s first Governor General until his death. He is a good human and companion of Allama Iqbal.

یوں دی ہمیں آزادی کہ یہ دنیا ہوئ حیران

اے قائد اعظم تیرا احسان ہے، تیرا احسان

Jinnah died at age 71 in 11 September 1948, just over a year after Pakistan gained independence from the United kingdom. He left a deep and respected legacy in Pakistan. we remains him Pakistan’s greatest leader. He is a true and great leader who has cofidance to stand alone.

Poetry Day:

Poetry Day

In celebrating World Poetry Day  March 21 UNESCO recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. Poetry Day is celebrate on Sunday 21 March 2021. A decision to proclaim 21 march as world poetry Day adopted during UNESCO’s 30th session held in Paris in 1999.

One of the main objectives of the Day is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endanger languages the opportunity to be hear within their communities. The United Kingdom generally uses the first Thursday in October, but elsewhere a different October, or even sometimes a November date, celebrated as a Global Event.

UNESCO first adopt 21 March as World Poetry Day during its 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999 with the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be hear. The aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered Languages to be hear.

Health Day:

Health Day

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrate every year on 7 April under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization as well as other related organizations. World Health Day is celebrate on Wednesday 7 April 2021. The work of nurses and midwives and remind world leaders of the critical role they play in keeping the world healthy.

The tagline for World Health Day is Support nurses and mid wives. In this International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, World Health Day will highlight the current status of nursing and around the world. WHO and its partners will make a series of recommendations to strengthen of the nursing and midwifery workforce.

Over the past 50 years this has brought to light important health issues such as mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change.

Labour Day:

Labour Day

Labour Day  is an annual holiday to celebrate achievements of workers  which occurs on 1 May. Firstly, labour day is a public holiday in many countries. For other countries, Labour day is celebrate on a different date, often one with special significance for the labour movement in that country.

Specially, labour day has its origins in the labour union  movement specifically the eight hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

In fact, Labour day is mark by rallies, marches, processions, labour/worker union sessions and organized street demonstrations. Labour is a Global Event. It is sometimes refer to as May Day. It is a day off for the general population and schools and most businesses are close.

Water Day:

Water Day

World Water Day, held on 22 March every year focuses on the importance of freshwater. The World Water day is celebrate on Monday 22 March 2021.

World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. It Global Event is about taking action to tackle the global water crisis. A core focus of World Water Day is to support the achievement of Sustainable development.

Our key messages for this day are clear:

  • Climate policy makers must put water at the heart of action plans.
  • There are sustainable, affordable and scalable water and sanitation solutions.
  •  In our daily lives, there are surprisingly easy steps we can all take to address climate change.

World Water Day is celebrate around the world with a variety of events.  The first World Water Day, designated by the United nations was in 1993.

Colour Day:

Colour Day

Colour day  is one of the most famous festivals in Greece with more than 40,000 attendees. The Color day of is celebrate on Sunday, 21 March. In fact, Color day festival is more popular amongst junior high school kids.

So, Color day is a Global Event summer festival  with music and colored powder. It take place on a weekend in June from 12 noon to 11 pm. All around the world memorable color activities are increasingly being develop during the International Color Day.

Some of the activities and events that are unfold on the International color day:

  • Arts exhibitions, architectural projects, design, decoration, fashion etc.
  • Meetings, debates, scientific events.
  • Workshops on the use of color and light for both adults and children.
  • Contests on color and light design.
  • Wearing national or regional identity colors.

The adoption of an international day of color proposed in 2008 by the Portuguese Color Association. The proposal agreed in 2009 among the members of this society which is compose of national associations and members representing more than 30 country.

Colors Means:

Different colors are perceived to mean different things. The following is one rendition of the perceived meaning of the various colors in the United States.

  • Red:  Excitement – Love – Strength
  • Yellow:  Competence – Happiness
  • Green:  Good Taste – Envy – Relaxation
  • Blue:  Corporate – High Quality
  • Pink: Sophistication – Sincerity
  • Violet/Purple:  Authority – Power
  • Brown:  Ruggedness
  • Black:  Grief – Fear
  • White: Happiness – Purity.

Women Day:

Women Day

International Women’s Day is celebrate on the 8th of March every year around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. The Global Event’s day has occur for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911.

The world has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women’s equality and emancipation. “An equal world is an enabled world”.

International Women’s Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action – whatever that looks like globally at a local level. But one thing is for sure, International Women’s Day has been occurring for well over a century – and continue to grow from strength to strength.



A day when we remember or celebrate something important that happened on that day in a previous year. It also refer to the commemoration or celebration of that event.

Types of Anniversary:

  1. Birthday Anniversary.
  2. Wedding Anniversary.
  3. Death Anniversary.


  • To the most beautiful person who has given me the most beautiful life, a very happy anniversary.
  • Sometimes I get jealous of you. After all you married the world’s most beautiful and brilliant person.
  • Happy anniversary.
  • In a world where so many things can be uncertain, you are the one thing that I will always be sure of.

Father Day:

Father Day

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and influence of fathers in society. The Father’s day is celebrate on Sunday 20 June 2021. It was first proposed by Sonora Dodd of Spokane Washington in 1909.

 It is Global Events which currently celebrated in the United States annually on the third Sunday in June By the end of the war, Father’s Day may not have been a federal holiday, but it was a national institution. Today, economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts.

The campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not meet with the same enthusiasm perhaps because as one florist explained “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have”.

Mother’s Day:

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

It is celebrate on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It’s Global Event complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as Father’s Day Siblings Day and Grandparent’s Day.

Today, economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts. Dates and celebrations of  Mother’s Day traditionally involves presenting moms with flowers, cards and other gifts.

Kashmir Day:

Kashmir Day | Global Event

Kashmir Day is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools.  Businesses closed at this day. Kashmir Day or Kashmir Solidarity Day is a public holiday in Pakistan on February 5 each year. Its not a Global Event.

It focuses on showing Pakistan’s support and unity with the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, their ongoing freedom struggle, and to pay homage to Kashmiri martyrs who lost their lives fighting for Kashmir’s freedom.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed proposed first the kashmir day. He was member of the Jamaat e Islami party in Pakistan in 1990. The present Kashmir Solidarity Day started by the Pakistan minister of Kashmir affairs in 2004. Kashmir Solidarity day  also known as ‘Youm-e-Yakhjehti-e-Kashmir’ has been observe  in Pakistan as a day of protest against Indian control of part of Kashmir.

Teacher’s Day:

Teacher's Day | Global Event

Teachers’ Day held annually on October 5.It is a special day appreciation of teacher’s and may include celebrations this Global Event to honor them for their special contributions in particular field area or the community in general.

“A Teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary”. The idea of celebrating Teacher’s Day took root in many countries during the 19th century in most cases, they celebrate a local educator or an important milestone in education. A Good Teacher is like a Candle, it Consume itself to light the way for Others.

Muslim’s also celebrate Teachers day because  HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) was also a Teacher. They respect their Teachers and appreciate them. Teaching is not a lost are but the regard for it is a lost tradition”.

Christmas Day:

Christmas Day | Global Event

Christmas Day is celebrate on 25 December. In fact, christmas is one of the most important Global Event as well as popular festivals celebrated throughout the year.

” Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall”. Christmas is so popular. It celebrated in more than 160 countries the world.

Many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations in the weeks leading to Christmas Day. “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”

At Christmas  day  people gives gifts to there friends and family member. On this occasion, They arrange many stalls and sales  for Christmas. In these days, some poor christians buy there food/things for full year.

Friendship Day:

Friendship Day | Global Event

It was first proposed in 1958 as “International Friendship Day”. Friendship Day is not a public holiday but a Global Event. It falls on Sunday, 1 August and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in Countries.

There are no set rules on how to celebrate Friendship Day. Above all, the beauty of all friendships, whether tried and tested or new and burgeoning, is that each one is unique from the last. “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”

Friendship Day celebrations occur on different dates in different countries. “There’s not a word yet for old friends who have just met.” The exchange of Friendship Day gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition on this occasion.

Sports Day:

Sports Day | Global Event

The National Sports Day is celebrated on 29 August in India, on the birth anniversary of hockey player Major Dhyan Chand. This day marks birthday of Major Dhyan Chand Singh. He is hockey player who won gold medals in Olympics for India in the years 1928, 1932 and 1936. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April. Pakistan celebrate Sports Day on 14 August. 

The National Sports Day is celebrated in States like Haryana, Punjab and Karnataka. Among others, organise various sporting events and seminars aimed at spreading awareness about importance of physical activities and sports in life. Cricket is most popular sport in Pakistan, while field hockey, polo, and squash are also popular. Traditional sports like kabaddi and other well known games are also played.

Pakistan’s Sports Goods sector being a prominent export sector has been a center of excellence for the production of high quality professional Sports Goods for more than 100 years positioned in the city of Sialkot acclaimed as a world famous hub of Sports Goods manufacturing. Keeping active through physical activity and sport has many benefits for body. Some of these benefits include increased cardiovascular fitness, bone health, decreased risk of obesity, improved sleep and better coordination and balance.


Global events as events of a limited duration that have a global reach. They require significant public investment. It have an impact on the population and built environment. Looking for something to do in Global Event. Something that happens especially one of some importance.


What are Global Events?
Global events as events of a limit duration that have global reach. They require significant public investment.
What are some major life events?
Marriage, Child birth, death of love one, new job starting and retirement are some major life events.
What are the most important festivals in Pakistan?
Ramadan, Hajj, Eids and Ashura are most important festivals in Pakistan.

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