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Wallpaper is a material that use to decorate interior walls of domestic and public buildings. The Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing. Also silk screen printing, rotary printing and digital printing. Wallpaper made in long rolls which hung vertically on walls of House. In this page we talk about Designer Wallpaper | Innovative and Luxury Wallpapers.

Designer Wallpaper


Designer Wallpaper:

Designer Wallpaper

Designer Wallpaper also known in the industry as stylists or colorists. It produce creative ideas for wall coverings, featuring repeating designs. The work may include designing patterns and deciding upon materials, dealing with buyers and addressing market trends.

Wallpaper designers, also known in the industry as stylists or colorists, produce creative ideas for wall coverings, featuring repeating designs. The work may include designing patterns and deciding upon materials, dealing with buyers and addressing market trends.

Designers produce unique designs to meet the specific requirements of clients, sometimes working with interior designers to discuss individual patterns and colors. The Wallpaper may produced through limited, digital runs. Some designs may block or screen printed and hand trimmed.

Wallpaper designers usually work a year ahead to ensure their designs are ready for exhibiting at trade fairs. They predict forthcoming trends by working closely with buyers and visiting exhibitions worldwide. Some designers are also responsible for buying materials for collections, the production process, budgeting, marketing and sales promotion.

Designer Wallpaper description:

Designer Wallpaper description

In addition to wallpaper, designers may also produce a range of matching home items. Such as soft furnishings or light fixtures. Some also responsible for developing innovative wall covering materials. Also using embossed, raised or textured patterns or coating the paper to make it washable.

After sketching ideas, wallpaper designers use computers to make samples for testing. During this process, they consider how the finished article will look,  quality and durability. The costs to produce specific colors or finishes. Designers compile their finished collections into pattern books. They are exhibited at trade and decorating fairs.

The typical launch months are March and September. Wallpaper designers usually work from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Longer hours may be required for attending trade shows, often in Europe and New York or to meet deadlines. Self employment or contract work is often possible. The workload for freelance staff may vary significantly between seasons.

Wallpaper designers may work alone or as part of a team. They are usually based in a studio or an office. Some time may be spent with buyers, printing manufacturers, prototype testing teams and product marketing teams.

Types of Designer Wallpaper:

Types of Designer Wallpaper

Designer Wallpaper, wallpaper borders and full wall wallpapers are great way to make a room’s décor look really special. Whether you are looking to add print with bedroom wallpaper or bring color to living room. Our large selection of modern and traditional wallpaper patterns offers something for everyone.

We recommend Schumacher’s modern patterns, Ralph Lauren’s plaid prints, York’s wallpaper borders, and Phillip Jeffries’ textures. It include both grass cloth and sisal. Here we give some Types of Designer Wallpapers:

Removeable Wallpaper:

Removeable Wallpaper

Designer removable wallpaper is ideal for temporary or permanent decorating projects. Whether you rent or own your home these stylish patterns will enhance your space. You can easily buy removable wallpaper online that will mesh perfectly with your design style.

From sleek and contemporary to playful and fun designs, options for affordable designer wallpaper are endless. Wallpaper options such as Sure strip wallpaper from York Wallcoverings, Peel and Stick Décor. Also Norwall offer thousands of removable wallpaper patterns at discount prices.

Abstract Wallpaper:

Abstract Wallpaper

Abstract wallpaper is among the most popular products sold online. These designs break away from traditional decor to create unique and modern patterns. They using forms, shapes, colors and textures. Our modern abstract wallpaper collection has countless options to suit individual design tastes of our customers.

Whether you are looking for geometric prints like Kelly Wearstler’s Channels or bold abstract designer wallpaper, like Schumacher’s Zimba.  Easily create an abstract feature wall in a living space, bedroom or office using one of these modern designs. Gain inspiration and shop for something spectacular in our modern abstract wallpaper collection.

Modern Wallpaper:

Modern Wallpaper

Buy modern wallpaper at best price easily at Online. Our bestselling modern and contemporary wallpaper collection is bright, funky and conversational without being too daunting.  As with most decorations in your home, your wallpaper should speak to your personality. Updating your bedroom, den or powder room with contemporary wallpaper.

Contemporary Wallpaper is first step in modernizing home with sophisticated and bold environment. When you buy modern wallpaper from our online décor store, you have numerous designer options to choose from. Schumacher leads way with outstanding graphic wallpaper motifs from Kelly Wearstler and Scalamandre. It has many iconic modern wallpaper patterns.

Animal Print Wallpaper:

Animal Print Wallpaper

Live on the wild side with Decorators Best’s animal print wallpaper collection! Chic and fun, these prints enliven any space. Ideal as fashion statement and perfect accent or natural preference for child’s bedroom. These animal, jungle and wildlife themed wallpapers will enrich your home.

Select from top manufacturers including Ralph Lauren, Scalamandre and Schumacher. They carry everything from leopard prints, iconic zebra wallpaper patterns and exotic scenes with monkey wallpaper. All options are designed and made from high quality material that looks professional and stunning in your home. Shop animal print wallpaper from our extensive collection online today.

Solid Color Wallpaper:

Solid Color Wallpaper

Single color wallpaper adds dimension to a room’s walls. In place of paint, these fine designer wallpapers enhance room and often add warmth and character. Use solid color wallpaper for walls as accent wall and to create depth. They also look fantastic as the background for art or wall décor.

Many Online Websites has an abundance of colorful selections from leading manufacturers. Such as Phillip Jeffries, Ralph Lauren, Scalamandre and Schumacher. Every option is a wonderful choice. Whether you prefer cool or warm toned solid color wallpaper for walls in your home. We are positive something from our selection will suit your home perfectly. Shop available discount designer single color wallpaper from selection.

Bird Wallpaper:

Bird Wallpaper

Incorporating beautiful bird wallpapers from Scalamandre and Schumacher into your home is a tribute to our collective history. As we are all moved by their majestic flight and captured by their beauty. For studies, bedrooms, nurseries and other rooms in your home.

Bird themed wallcoverings is an ideal choice. With an assortment of winged creature represented. Such as hummingbirds, bluebirds and tropical birds. you will definitely find a bird wallpaper or two to fall in love with at Decorators Best.

Architectural Wallpaper:

Architectural Wallpaper

Architectural wallpaper showcases patterns that mimic structural features of buildings and homes. These trompe l’oeil looks including wood panels, columns and cornicing. It allow you to recreate grand characteristics of castles and regal homes without extensive renovations.

In addition to wallpaper featuring optical illusions of architectural features, collection includes designs showcasing city skyline collages, buildings from around world and architectural drafts. These intriguing modern architectural wallpapers are made even more impressive by their high quality imaging and material. When ordering online, you can have confidence that what you see pictured online will be even more impressive when you see it in person.

Dots Wallpaper:

Dots Wallpaper

From pin to polka, dots wallpaper is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy into your interior décor. Whether you are looking for pointillist blooms like Schumacher’s Feather Bloom or concentric circles, browse collections Online.

Asian Wallpaper:

Asian Wallpaper

With Asian wallpaper, you browse through latest collections that feature chinoiserie influenced designs. The collection includes popular oriental, Japanese and Chinese wallpaper designs. From Schumacher’s rendition of mighty dragon in their world famous Chiang Mai Dragon wallpaper to Clarence House’s Tibet.

We accumulated items from various designer wallpaper manufacturers to feature in collection. Available Asian wallpapers feature vivid imagery created to catch one’s eye. But that’s not all this collection includes. Discover various bold and subtle patterns as well as textured Asian wall covering mixed in with popular, recognizable designs.

Beach Themed Wallpaper:

Beach Themed Wallpaper

For many of us, envisioning a day by beach brings a serene feeling. Whether you live by ocean, have a lodge on a lake, or just fantasize of the maritime life, our wide selection of beach themed wallpaper. It is a great start for that Summer decorating.

Websites has a wide array of beach, boating and sea inspired wallpaper patterns. It will brighten your day. Sailboat wallpaper, nautical wallpaper and boat wallpaper contain large selections of maritime prints. Shell wallpaper designs and coral wallpaper have traditional and modern wallpaper motifs.

Border Wallpaper:

Border Wallpaper

Designer wallpaper borders from are available to you at discount prices. The borders category features a selection of floral wallpaper and conversational wallpaper patterns from Scalamandre. In addition, can obtain borders from many other manufacturers.

Designer wallpaper borders are great solution if you are hesitant to fully cover a wall or room. You only want to add just a bit more character to any room. Order your desired wallpaper edging borders online today to test out this new look in your home.

Branches Wallpaper:

Branches Wallpaper

Branches wallpaper offers graceful intertwined designs, as well as contemporary silhouettes. Assortment of nature-inspired wallpaper features botanical damasks, vines, branches and blossoms. Each design brings with it a unique feel that will remind you of various aspects of nature.

For a light and whimsical feel for perhaps bedroom or nursery, options for wallpaper. It is with combination of light florals, branches and bark will fill your aesthetic needs. On other side of spectrum, offer designer tree branch wallpaper options that create dramatic tropical or forest feel right in your home.

Geometric Wallpaper:

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpapers add vibrancy to your home. You can shop online in best prices on designer geometric print wallpaper. World renowned designer David Hicks created exclusive patterns for Cole and Son. They are featured in our collection. You will also find geometric wallpaper online from Candice Olson, Andrew Martin, and Schumacher.

These wall coverings designed to enhance features and architecture your home. They provide structure and clarity to their designated spaces. They can create quite a bold statement wall. Discover bold patterns and monochrome designs to highlight the structure of your home and furniture throughout collection of geometric designer wallpaper.

Chevron Wallpaper:

Chevron Wallpaper

Chevron pattern wallpaper is modern twist on  traditional herringbone look. This trendy zig zag pattern has been seen on everything from fabric to pillows. The bold designs works well with variety of different types of styles. Whether you desire traditional or a more contemporary look, chevron pattern wallpaper will add an element of youthfulness to the space.

Zig zag style wallpaper comes in various bright and muted, eye-catching colors. With various designer brands represented, representation of chevron patterns at Online is expansive. You will find chevron with sharp angles, creating dramatic peaks. As well as fairly wide, shallow zig zags which give a less dramatic look.

Damask Wallpaper:


Contemporary damask wallpaper is a modern adaptation of damask fabric. The fabric derives its name from beautiful city of Damascus where, during middle ages of the Byzantine Empire, this weave technique became especially desired. A large manufacturing and trading hub in the Middle East. Damascus was celebrated for producing this elegant and formal woven fabric.

Damask became so popular in Europe that King Louis XVI garlanded his royal court with damask fabric on walls, furniture and drapery. Modern damask wallpaper is typically adorned with repetitive florals. It can add elegance and grace to any room in your home. Scalamandre, Ralph Lauren and Schumacher have beautiful damask wallpapers.

Conversational Wallpaper:


Conversational wallpapers are unique designs that give your decorate that extra special touch and character. Novelty wallpaper and fabric masterpieces abound at Online. Zebra wallpaper, map wallpaper, sailboat wallpaper and countless other themes can easily be selected. You selected as you buy wallpaper online from Andrew Martin, Cole & Son, Ralph Lauren, Scalamandre and Schumacher.

Textured Wallpaper:

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpapers are truly elegant pieces. Adding modern wallpaper with some sort of texture instantly brings vibrancy to your home. Textured walls are appealing to touch and delight to eyes especially when paired well with lighting features. Texture is introduced into wall coverings in numerous ways.

The diverse range of designer textured wallpaper formats gives you freedom to choose. You choose that something that really enhances your space rather than settle for something that’s really just okay. You can shop wallpaper online for best prices on modern textured wall coverings. Top wallpaper manufacturers including Jolie Papier, Phillip Jeffries, Ralph Lauren, Scalamandre, Schumacher, and more.

Floral Wallpaper:


Floral wallpapers are romantic and feminine motif that enhances any home decoration. Large floral wallpaper patterns make a bold statement in a room.  However, there are many styles of designer floral wallpapers today including abstract wallpaper, impressionist style wallpaper and small florals.

Classic and contemporary wallpaper has an array of gorgeous floral prints from Scalamandre, Schumacher and Ralph Lauren. Each manufacturer of designer floral wallpaper produces a high quality home design product. That is easy to use and will upgrade the style of any space instantly. Explore all your options for floral design wallpaper to ensure you receive very best for your home.

Kid Wallpaper:

Kid Wallpaper

A kid’s room is more than a place for time out; space is an expression of who they are and the decor reflects the love and care of the parents. Whether they are newborn, starting their first day of school or going on their first date. We have fun and sophisticated kid wallpaper which will last for years to come.

Children’s wallpapers are now available to you at discount prices. The discount kids wallpapers feature a large selection of prints from Ralph Lauren, Scalamandre, Schumacher and many other manufacturers.

Toile Wallpaper:


Toile wallpaper’s origins came from toile fabric hung on chateau walls throughout France. Toiles originated from Jouy, France in 18th Century and had two-toned line illustrations. Known as “Toile de Jouy”, original linen and cotton fabrics depicted pastoral scenes from travels abroad, farm life and hunting scenes in the country.

These “traditional” or vintage style toile wallpaper and fabric are still used in interior design today. Another category of toile is known as “Toile Indienne,” an adaptation from the traditional designs. Brought to Europe from India and East, these cotton toiles depict bright multicolored botanical scenes and fabulously intricate oriental designs.

Metallic Wallpaper:

Metallic Wallpaper

Designer metallic wallpaper adds instant glamour to any space. This unique category of wallpaper includes wall coverings that give polished look and luminous feel to any room that has lots of light. This material also works well if you are looking to enhance romantic atmosphere.

Although metal finishes often associated with silver and gold tones, contemporary metallic textured wallpaper offers unique take on what metallic finishes really look and feel like. Within online collection, you will find various tones and textures of wallpaper that all shimmer and give off sophisticated air of elegance. Used to create an ambiance of elegance and finesse, embellish your home with these fantastic metallic wallpaper selections.

Vinyl Wallpaper:


Vinyl wallpapers are perfect for applications in rooms that see lot of moisture. For families with pets or young children, vinyl decorative wallpaper may be perfect match. These papers can withstand messy meals and splashes from baths; they’re water resistant and wipeable. Their resistance to everyday messes doesn’t take away from their striking style and design.

In collection, you will find stunning, first class wallpaper from top designers. The feel and look of our designer vinyl wall coverings are unlike what you may find in commercial spaces or old school flooring. Instead, these wallpapers blends in with irresistible colors and textures. Some manufacturers, like Phillip Jeffries, have designed vinyl wallpaper to look exactly like grass cloth.

Matching Fabric & Wallpaper:

Matching Fabric

Matching Fabric & Wallpaper makes a statement in any room. Whether you select matching fabric and wallpaper for a bedroom, family room or a kitchen your home will have that WOW factor!

Trellis Wallpaper:


America’s long time fascination with trellis wallpaper is only gaining momentum. Originating from French term “treillage” this elegant motif dates back to 12th Century. When metal trellis design was tool used in gardening grape vines.

Over decades some of greatest interior decorators, including Elsie de Wolfe, Mark Hampton and David Hicks. They adorned their best interiors with trellis. Schumacher’s Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis pattern is one of top sellers and is equally popular as fabric and wallpaper.

Types and sizes:

Types and sizes

In terms of methods of creation, wallpaper types include painted wallpaper, hand printed blockwood wallpaper, hand printed stencil wallpaper, machine printed wallpaper and flock wallpaper. Modern wallcoverings are diverse and what is described as wallpaper may no longer actually be made from paper. Two of most common factory trimmed sizes of wallpaper are referred to as “American” and “European” rolled goods.

Most wallpaper borders are sold by length and with wide range of widths therefore surface area is not applicable, although some may require trimming. Foil wallpaper generally has paper backing and can very difficult to handle and hang. Textile wallpapers include silks, linens, grass cloths, strings, rattan, and actual impressed leaves. There are acoustical wall carpets to reduce sound. Customize wallcoverings are available at high prices and most often have minimum roll orders.

The most common wall covering for residential use and generally most economical is prepasted vinyl coated paper, commonly called “strippable”. It can be misleading. Cloth backed vinyl is fairly common and durable. Lighter vinyl are easier to handle and hang. Paper backed vinyl’s are generally more expensive and significantly more difficult to hang. It can be found in wider untrimmed widths.

Wallpaper also comes as ‘borders’, typically hung horizontally at the tops of walls, and above wainscoting. Bordering wallpaper comes in an array of colors and patterns, straight or shaped edges. It is used to provide finished look to walls already hung with printed wallpaper. Also use as an accent for painted or plain papered walls. Some bordering wallpapers are decorated with pictures and even writing. It when hung, can tell a simple story or a well-known theme. Such as fairytales, poems, pictographs of alphabets or numerals or religious works.


Wallpaper is a material that use to decorate interior walls of domestic and public buildings. Designer Wallpaper also known in the industry as stylists or colorists. It produce creative ideas for wall coverings, featuring repeating designs. The work may include designing patterns and deciding upon materials, dealing with buyers and addressing market trends. The Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing. 


How we know about Wallpaper?
Wallpaper is a material that use to decorate interior walls of domestic and public buildings. The Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing.
What is called Designer Wallpaper?
Designer Wallpaper also known in the industry as stylists or colorists. It produce creative ideas for wall coverings, featuring repeating designs.
How Many types of Designer Wallpaper?
Designer Wallpaper have many types but here we describe some important 24 Designer Wallpapers Types.

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